Rebecca Stevens A.’s next trick: macro-aggressions!

I wonder who it was, who was the doughy chump who coined the term, “micro-aggression.”  It is a ridiculous and woeful Phrase of Persecution that is wielded when the need arises to describe a self-described incident, words or action which a tender soul is prone to interpret as racial or hateful in motive.

“You smirked in my vicinity.  You must hate Mexicans!”

Some people are a tad more “sensitive” than others and they interpret more incidents of wafting racial shade or hate than a healthy-minded person would.  To such overreacting victims, the micro-aggression is their tool of choice to describe esoteric personal interpretations which provide collective solace they can wallow in with other like-minded puppets.

Rebecca Stevens A.
Rebecca Stevens A.

So deeply infiltrated is this concept that a whole industry of dialogue and grievance deconstruction is built upon it. Teary pieces like “5 Of The Most Hurtful Racial Microaggressions I Have Heard In My Life” abound. Der racism is everywhere.  Like Jesus’ face in the tree trunk, hate is cloaked in the mundane disinterests of humanity.

In Rebecca Stevens A.’s essay, she provides a checklist you can reference to gauge how many non-events of racism you experience in a typical day, which, according to Stevens, is bottomless for people of color.

“Here are some of the worst ones…” she embarks.

“You are not like other black people, you’re intelligent, you’re more articulate”.
“I know that that bright color matches your skin but it hurts my eyes”.
“You’re a black girl so you must be good in bed”.
“Black women are so maternal, I bet you don’t want us to take the baby for the night.”
“We don’t have makeup that matches your skin color”.

Can I have a little extra don’t-give-a-shit with that cup of I-can’t-relate?  And maybe an extra drizzle of getta-grip?

Look, I know it sounds like I’m being dismissive, cold and whatever-it-is you presume in your little PTSD-ravaged hamster brain, but I’m merely drawing a distinction. “Micro-aggression” is mushy victim-ese for the prater of a bunch off stupid well-intentioned people who become tongue-tied because they are afraid of hurting feelings and appearing racist and end up saying stupid shit that exactly fits the paranoid expectation of the hypervigilant blacks who are poised to say, “See, see, told you!”

All these people who uttered those 5 hatred-laced barbs to Stevens were probably clueless dolts who got rattled and fell to pieces when trying to act racially unthreatening to black people.

Micro-aggressions are boring. I’m a macro-aggression kinda guy. Go big or go home I say.  When it concerns the realm of racial offense, one must leave no stone unturned! Macro-aggressions are those special exchanges in which there is little doubt of the racial stereotyping.


I present 5 Of The Most Hurtful Racial Macroaggressions You’ll Ever Hear on tragic dog video:

“What cute children. Are they all yours?”
“You’re applying there? You realize they do background checks, right?”
“I heard your family was going to be here so I brought an extra watermelon!”
“You don’t like basketball?” [powerfully astonished series of question marks]
“I’m sorry, I completely zoned; we have a couple of tent spaces open, of course you’re invited!”


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