Why are introverts self-absorbed assholes?

I saw this meme earlier on an introverts group I belong.

Introverts too nice

Internet introverts are a sorry bunch. They gather amongst themselves and share butt-hurts and hive-disdain for the human race. They are a gloomy, sensitive bunch who rally around shared traits, many of which don’t seem to have apparent grounding in the “introversion persona.” Why do they all love cats so much??  Online introverts hide behind a diffuse commiseration of misanthropy and revel in perceived powerlessness.

The concept of introversion is bandied about as a farcical badge of dishonor so often, I often wonder what exactly it means.

My general understanding is that introverts are “energized” by alone time whereas extroverts experience this through social and group time. The introversion/extroversion axis is a continuum, a bell curve. Very few of us fall at the extreme ends and I suspect many who label themselves “introverts” are a lot more extroverted than they claim because they recharge through external stimuli, not necessarily people, and may become bored and dissatisfied if they are insulated from the external too long. The true measure of introversion or extroversion is to what degree your state is influenced by the environment. We occlude this by presuming people who are extroverts seek human interaction but this is false; extroverts thrive on a feedback loop from their external environment in order to gauge their mood and sense of self.

Very few people are true introverts. Like myself, people who are energized by the void of nothingness.  Those same folks who thrived on the pandemic vibe and who are now feeling humdrum about resumption of this illusion called “normal.”

Acting nice is not a function of introversion or extraversion. Acting nice isn’t an act of weakness or vulnerability. Strong people can act nice and be quite content with it, not expecting anything in return, but weak people use introversion as a cop-out for their unpleasantness.

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