Omnivore Power. Our time has come.

“I’m a very proud omnivore,” said no one ever.

But I’m a reasonable man.

I’m not one of those endomorphic lunkheads who is all about meat, meat, and more meat…you know him, the kinda guy who mocks the virility of those who eschew animal flesh for the flimsy joys of plant matter.  That’s not how I roll.  I do love vegetables with all my heart, and yes, I really did say that.

Some of my fondest early childhood culinary memories are eating a bowl of boiled and seasoned spinach which my babysitter made regularly. I gobbled that green murk right up! It never subsided as I seem to have had a life-long preternatural fondness for vegetables of all shapes, colors and phytonutrient profiles

But I also love meat, unapologetically so.  Except goat, that ungodly disgusting flesh I refuse to put in my mouth after one unfortunate incident in Tijuana.

I ate a lot of meat when I was younger and I still would if it wasn’t obviously something you shouldn’t be overconsuming at an advancing age. I eat about 4 ounces of meat per day, sometimes 5 if I’m feeling dangerous.  Right now my diet consists of about 80% fruit and vegetables with the other 15% being nuts, bread, sweets;  I would never boast of being a big meat eater. I see nothing wrong, dietarily or ethically, with eating animal flesh. The teeth in my mouth evolved as such but if someone wishes to abstain from meat, good for them.

As they say, “to each his own.”  That is a principle I firmly obey. But why is it that in today’s social environment, everybody has this attention whore compunction to broadcast their niche identity to the world as a source of individualism or uniqueness? If you choose the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, do it. It makes you happy, do it. I don’t care. I don’t ram my omnivorous lifestyle down your throats because I’m not vain or desperate enough to think anyone gives a crap. And I expect the same from vegans which brings me to a rather humorous post I saw earlier at the Sad And Useless site.

The pictorial titled “Vegan Hunting Photos,” is exactly that:  a satirical photo album of traditional hunting poses templated over abundant groupings of vegetable in lieu of wild bloody animal carcasses. It’s quite clever, but one gets the idea that perhaps there is an implied editorial position on the part of many of these “posees” that the tropes framed center around the archetypal “animal hunter.”  So stereotypes abound.

Vegan Hunting
                                            (from Sad And Useless)

Nowadays everyone gotta be signaling their proud lifestyle choice. Look at me, I don’t eat meat!

Oh yeah? Well look at me. I eat meat and vegetables. I’m omnivore and proud.

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