It’s #OkToHateTheLessAccomplished

I don’t understand who the hell hates asians.

How can anyone hate asians? They are quiet, well-behaved, mannerly, productive, law-abiding, clean, family-oriented, they do not leech from the government and mind their own business. They make fine neighbors and co-workers.

Personally, between you, reader, and I, blogger, I hate everyone. I’m a misanthrope. I am the King of racists, sexists, bigots, ageists, homophobes;
god, the list never ends.

I hate people in such grand sweeping measures that I actually find that I treat everyone equally: aloof and courteous. I never preconceive or stereotype on the daily, individual level. But still, I do not like them.

So I hate asians, indians, irish, even mexicans (which hits a little close to home).

I’m amazed anyone could hate asians so specifically that they harm them or yell at them.

I suppose people who hate asians begrudge them their putative wealth and cultural accomplishment. People who hate asians do so out of jealousy and envy. It’s all I can think.

However, of late I have been a little disheartened that this quiet group of people who mind their own business and take abuse with solemn stoicism is now assuming the modern persona of victim and whiner. Hashtags and grievance and marches shape the modern asian; people have accused asians of acting too white, too jewish, but this is the last straw. This crybaby thing is baffling and uncharacteristic.

Doesn’t anyone have self-respect any more?

And then I saw this bullshit earlier on Facebook.


So are we to deduce that hate is forgivable against groups that are less “accomplished?”

And we know there are a lot of groups that fit this bill, but we won’t mention who they are. This meme is pathologically shallow. If you’re wealthy, if you’re a hobnobber, if you produce lots of consumerist garbage, you’re exempt from hate?

Asians should nix this meme quickly before it becomes a caricature of the character of those it presumes to rally around.

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