Marjorie Taylor Greene, strong woman of (the wrong) color

It’s a lot like high school.

Everything. Society, culture, this grand adult hallway of minglers and gossipers and connivers.

Ostracization fetishizers gather into self-important executioner circles and banish the less cool, the unpopular, the cast-offs.

Twitter is the high school hallway of adult society.

You’re in, you’re cool; you’re not, you’re out.

Some of us, obscure, meek, anonymous, are allowed to remain because we are friendless; the blessing of friendless is the invisibility that leaves you “foeless” as well.

Marjorie Taylor Greene?
Not cool! Pariah to the normie jocks and conformist tag-along elephants, she has been time-outed!!

She’s cute, blonde, white and right-wing as hell. In other words, she’s everything today’s woke playground of social villainization wants to destroy.


In a message on social media site Telegram, Marjorie Taylor Greene says she has been temporarily barred from posting on Twitter from her personal account.

A screenshot of an account alert says that Twitter has temporarily limited some of her account features, for violating the site’s rules, meaning that the Georgia representative cannot tweet, retweet, or like posts.

The ban lasts twelve hours and will be removed at around lunchtime on Friday. It does not appear to include Ms Greene’s congressional Twitter account.

A spokesperson for Ms Greene confirmed to The Gateway Pundit that the lawmaker is locked out of her Twitter account.

The Twitter behemoth can wield the capricious barbs of popularity easily, and it does not refrain from this tyrannical power.

Greene has been served. Her acceptance into the Hallway is tenuous and subject to immediate termination. The social arbiters do not define her in favorable or flattering terms that they bestow on those who spew liberal ideals. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not a “strong woman of color” in the way we are told Alexandria or Stacey are, but I would argue she is a strong woman (God knows that contending with the wrath of the post-Trump woketards is the very definition of the word) and she is a color, albeit the wrong one.

We are all a color. Brown and black cannot be the sole representatives of that adjective in a fair world.

I hereby define Marjorie Taylor Greene a “strong woman of color” in defiance of the woke narrative. In the spirit of true fairness and equality, flowery traits which the left condescends to own and recite, Greene should be heralded in the same breath as the ubiquitous Democratic examples of color.

Speaking of a color which is acceptable to call a Color, U.S. Democratic Representative Jimmy Gomez (one of my people, unfortunately), has appointed himself overseer and policeman of all things Greene. He has rabidly tailed her for the better part of her infant term and if I didn’t know any better I would be inclined to suspect he is crushing on her.

Now he seeks to not only expel her from the Hallway (that’s Twitter’s game), but also from the high school.

JImmy Gomez Tweet

Speaking as a fellow brown, there is nothing as tragic as a person of brown color squandering his hard work and intellect on the vapid indulgences of leftism.

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