The Miasma of Victimhood

I’ll tell you what it’s like being a married man of Right-Wing sensibilities in the year 2021.

See, my wife is generally apolitical, and was especially so up until March, 2020.

Then this shit happened.

Corona Madness 3.1.20
Google search on 3/1/20


Still apolitical in nature, she nevertheless took notice and between working from home and the deconstruction of society over the past year, she is now “involved.” Opinions of an unfamiliar political nature flow from her continually.

A married man must walk the line for this is the nature of humble heterosexual matrimonial existence. In the home, man’s opinion must be tempered if he wants to avoid the drone of triggered exasperation at the hands of a tempestuous wife. Sometimes, even a small expression can set off a stream of offense. There is little reason for room for objectivity in this brew. I am a man of reason, to an autist degree. I’m not on the spectrum (so far as I know) but my thinking patterns tend to be robotic and unfeeling and naturally, my expressions of opinion flow in that direction. This is contrary to the nature of woman who is a slave to emotive solipsism.

It’s cool.  That’s the dance we all play.  I’m no misogynist, just a realist.  Not all women embody their traits fully, nor do all men their own.

So being a married Right-Wing male in today’s social environment requires careful straddling of that razor’s edge between peace and self-expression.  Though we live in a “free society,” the home is never that. It is, on a good day, a benevolent dictatorship with the wife at the helm. This is the plight of modern man. His wife is modern and still retains the archaic social benefits of femininity.  This means he’s contending with a person who is empowered by the New while retaining the chauvinistic empowerment of the Old.   Through it all, he is expected to grasp that dwindling sense of “masculinity” which is a condemned illusion in today’s feminine society.

The man of 2021 maneuvers this peacemaker role foisted at home, and he integrates it into his character so closely that he brings it to his interactions with society at large. His deferral to female power, outside, and submission to her domestic histrionics, inside, creates a “home dynamic” that seeps throughout the entirety of society.

Man cannot be the Man which millions year’s evolution taught him.  In the span of decades, his role has been reshaped by virtue of exponential social evolution.  The dichotomy between psycho-biological formation and 21st century expectations lead to absolute cultural disarray.  This is a new world and women harness the power of our social game while staking a claim to persecution because it is a tool that keeps on giving.  There is still ammo in that Whine Gun!

For real
Amy Aves Challenger. for realz.

A woman, artist, illustrator, freelance equality porn queen, Amy Aves Challenger, has an opinion piece at Newsweek. Boldly, confidently, titled, “All Men Are Responsible for the Culture that Allowed Sarah Everard’s Murder,” she proceeds to paint some very broad misandrist strokes.

We begin with the obligatory MeToo moment…

Like one in three women worldwide, I’ve been the victim of sexual assault and harassment.

…which segues to the obligatory tale of evil coalesced with a lazy, self-indulgent template which those who exploit victimology defer to in order to make inarguable amorphous arguments.

And so the tragedy of the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard in the UK wasn’t surprising, nor was the trending Twitter hashtag men responded with: #NotallMen.

Who could possibly defend or trivialize the murder of Sarah Everard?

In fact, who could defend the cold-blooded murder of anyone?

Murder is an affront to humanity and sanity. Murder of a human being is a hate crime against all. The murder of a woman is an assault on men and women. The murder of a man is similarly an assault on men and women, is it not?  I have a suggestion:  let’s overlook all the trivial sub-movements and their selfish agendas and instead defend the one that deserves it the most: the right of humankind to lead a healthy, thriving life.

None of this matters to people like Challenger.  Her type triangulates horrific incidents into narratives of convenience by broadly painting a suspect profile which includes disembodied manhood, thereby summoning all men to the carpet of self-defense.

Sorry babe, but I didn’t kill Everard, nor do I believe there is anything defensible about her murder. And if England was a more civilized nation, I wouldn’t be opposed to the execution of her convicted murderer. But that said, what exactly does her murder have to do with your life of hard knocks?

I’m glad I asked.

She answers.

In truth, all of our stories are tied to one another. Threats to all women are connected and statistically real. One woman’s abuse, especially if unreported or invalidated, makes another more likely. One man’s consumption of porn, demeaning comments toward a woman, or distancing himself from statistics of his own gender, makes the next demeaning comment, the next rape more likely.

The Miasma of Victimhood is evoked by preachers like Amy Aves Challenger and we are pummeled by her smartness as being the reason why we should all give a damn.  Damnit.

By Challenger’s thesis, this very post of mine here on tragic dog video, appearing in the hive of human intercourse will lead, collectively but indirectly, to many rapes and brutalization of females throughout the planet.  Amy says it’s horrifying.  And no one even reads my shit.  If they did I’d be excised from society instantly.

Challenger poses her…challenge.

All men, not just policemen, not just bad men—must change. All men should listen to the real stories of women who have been harassed, abused, or worse. All men are responsible for the larger narrative of the culture in which they live and should reconsider how often they (perhaps unknowingly) contribute to violence against women with their silence, their habits, hashtags, language, relationships, and media consumption.

This is flowery vapidity. Stereotypical platitudes are the currency of the modern Woketard. I am no more responsible for Everard’s murder than I am responsible for Amy’s leftist neuroses.

It is a crime against humanity to profess the greatest inheritance of all mankind: the freedom to not care. The clearest sign of tyranny, should you not be sure, is the demonization of reclusion from trendy morality plays.

BLM could tell you about that.

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