How I learned to stop fretting and love the vaccine

How have we not learned by now that the deadliest and most destructive force on this planet is human avarice?

Throughout the march of time, we have continued to live and structure society in denial of this horrible, pernicious trait. Humans persistently practice a tradition of mortal greed. Oh yes, there are many examples of selflessness and sacrifice scattered throughout the vast playground of time. Those are rare and uncommon and aberrational enough to not grace enough humanity to improve the elemental nature of Man.  Still, we live as if this latter exception is the rule when a good cynical mind knows this is not so, and will never be.

If there is one thing that outpaces our naivete and blindness to man’s innate greed, it is our foolish optimism which drives us forward in spite of reality; much of it is fueled by the very greed itself. We will not be deterred from the fever dream of hedonism. We are base in nature and must accept man’s avarice as a grand existential motivating force in shaping these very aspirations.

It’s better to allow the lie to flourish for the sake of our short-sighted nourishment. When the sky is the limit, you can dream and live lavishly. However, when the sky presses closely and suffocates, our boundless spirit retreats.  We do not come out, we live small and we do not breathe life into society. We do not spend money and those whose greedy subsistence relies on our willingness to part with it uncharacteristically make lesser. They wither in their castles.

The “Great Plague” of 2020 was this.  We fell under its deathly spell. It was the greatest threat to wealth in the history of mankind. Wars transmogrify society into efficient money-making machines and wartime’s brutal immediacy does not create a vacuum of comfort unlike that which the pandemic did for us. The pandemic’s slow boil evolution endangered a society erected on the pillars of consumerism and hedonism that we must indulge in order for the elites to maintain their stranglehold. The real danger of lockdowns is that the vast human consuming machine becomes passively disinterested and adapts to a less involved scale of spending money and consumption. The moneyed rulers of global society thrive on scale, on perpetually enlarging scale; any shrinkage in scale is an assault on their very expensive comfort.  Threat to the enlarging scale will be met swiftly with extraordinary measures. COVID-19 was such a threat and allowing it to continue would be have exponentially endangered the very lucrative system designed to make the greed masters wealthier.  Each day the pandemic dragged on represented a global chorus of resignation that would result in many orders of loss for the elites to have to reclaim.

I don’t believe the greed masters directly made anything happen, but they are powerful and omniscient enough to create an oppressive impatience that weighs across all commerce with the result being a “do whatever it takes” mentality that would engage our collective anxiety. Slyly asserted pressure applied at the right culture points can do wonders toward achieving their ends.

In this case, the “ends” was to get people involved in society again. To make them spend money and re-engage in commerce because the virus-triggered asceticism was enemy #1.

At all costs.

In such a context, human life becomes a lesser factor when it comes to rescuing society’s collective well-being (ie, tension inherent in the commerce of traded goods and services).  Society can only be released from its viral imprisonment by neutralizing the immediate extinguishing effects of the pandemic. Masks and lock-downs have proven unreliable in the real world because human nature is unreliable. Self-control is not our strength. A vaccine leapfrogs this shortcoming and provides a pathway by which we are asked to exert little in order to achieve victory, and with it, the means to spend and indulge once again. The elites can relax at last as their product, the opiate of the masses, regains its currency.

DNA integration
spied on the internet

I do not fear the vaccine, but I am leery of it. I don’t trust it because I don’t trust its utilitarian directness. I don’t believe it is creating 5G zombies or manhandling our DNA to achieve conscious sinister aims. That’s all crazy talk and conspiracies presume the leaders of society have much more intelligence and organization than they actually do. I believe the safety bar typically reserved for vaccines has been lowered to subterranean depths for the sake of defeating the scourge of commercialist society: COVID-19.

The conspiracy is more mundane: rich people want to stay rich, and in typically greedy fashion, they want their riches to grow and accumulate.

We cannot be at peace with the COVID-19 vaccines. They are a stop-gap fix that will allow the wealthy masters of the universe from surrendering their power if we are allowed to become accustomed to the lockdown mentality, and worse, like it.  I’ve yet to hear of a manager+ level representative praise working from home.

We cannot be allowed to integrate asceticism as a mode of living, it would be too dangerous for the economic organism;  the elites feel it is better to risk the wayward DNA integration by injecting the untested into our bodies.

Wealth is too important to risk our trivial lives over when the vaccine will save the hive.

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