Bitchin’ about the bitch

Mainstream Hollywood entertainment waste expulsion firms wear it as a badge of honor if they infiltrate their offerings with every sort of Woke Narrative trope possible.

There is so much to choose from in the streaming world. The typical programming coming to your small screen is rife with identity politics, moral relativism and snarky urban sanctimoniousness. The stories brim with degeneracy and deviant miscreants of every flavor and the self-conscious Wokeness of it all drives me crazy.

You would think I’d make life simpler for myself by turning the television off (or change the station).

But I won’t. The aggravation is a narcotic and I’m addicted.   There is no shortage of the aggravation drug, either.

The (entertainment) Industry cannot stop using its pervasive reach and ubiquitous cultural voice to preach the woketard word. It’s not enough for them to merely tell an entertaining story; all plots must be laced with driblets of equality porn. An off-the-cuff remark by a character damning all men or whites is fair game; if a character makes a remark damning all women or [ethnic flavor of the day], he better be saying that within a plot context that makes him look like a fool or a quack or stereotypical pity creature, all the better to dignify the leftist word while avoiding severe cultural backlash.

There’s a certain series on HBO Max right now that is very entertaining. I actually enjoy the show very much, and I especially enjoy the obligatory HBO’ian equality porn. Is this the same network that brought us The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm once upon a time?

The same network that now flaunts stereotypes because they are appropriately anti-right.

The same network that agonizes over a word.

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