A time for fire, a time for Roof Koreans

I suspect there will be a lot of retrospectives in the year 2022 which can best be summarized, “We can’t say we did not see this coming…”

It’s coming, man. With a furious wrath of destruction…how can it be another way?
To recognize and acknowledge it is to capitulate to it and fuel the fires of chaos.  Mentioning it publicly is to foment it.  So we don’t say a word and blindly submerge our heads and good sense in the sand.

When it happens, we plausibly deny: how could this have happened?

Somewhere, someone will unleash the beast.
Who will be left holding the hot potato?

The absurdity of the moment is here.  We can catch the first inklings in this ABC story. All the bizarre entropy ripping at the spectacle’s larval membrane.

Jury selection in the murder case against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd began on Tuesday despite prosecutors asking the Minnesota Court of Appeals to halt the high-profile trial.

Two of the first three jurors questioned on Tuesday, were dismissed. One of the potential jurors let go was a married mother of three and an immigrant from Mexico who works as a nursing assistant. Nelson exercised a peremptory challenge to dismiss the juror due to a language barrier. Nelson had also grilled the woman on her answer to why she would want to serve on the Chauvin jury, in which she wrote, “I would like to give my opinion on the unjust death of Mr. Floyd.”


Language or cultural barrier, we can’t be too sure. I always hear people wondering how to get out of jury duty and I think this woman’s approach should serve as a lesson. Exploit the fact that serving on a jury is not an avenue designed for expression of opinion, only adherence to objective fact.  Or so they say. If you let on that you have an opinion which you’ve saved to express through your admission to the juror box, you’ve bought your quick expulsion from the pool. If she was being unironic, then I have no comment.

If we extrapolate the magnitude of meltdown that ensued last summer in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death as contrasted against the possibility that the Minnesota jury’s verdict defies the BLM narrative, we are surely looking at 1992’s Rodney King riots on massive, coast-to-coast scale. The racial powder keg is hot and bothered and was never smothered out.

Nostradamus I’m not, but do we need magical fortune telling to warn us of the insanity lurking in the open shadows of this approaching shit show?

We need to say it now: if those who are on the “prosecutor’s side” don’t get a decision they feel is their entitlement, they will act like the immature, violent children they are, for no other reason than to engage in some cathartic ultraviolence addled by booze and drugs.

Yeah, it’s coming.

We can’t act as if the usual suspects in this dynamic will “rise above their primal antics” and show restraint and humility. That’s a pipe dream and ignoring the predictable behavior will not make it not happen. Animals will always be animals no matter how much dignity those with dangerously open minds seek to bestow on them. Mainstream pop culture enablers will goad the belligerent protestors on, consequence-free (but Derek Chauvin will continue to be painted as the bad guy responsible for it all) and cities and townships will burn and be looted.

My only word of advice: summon your inner Roof Korean.

The Roof Koreans stood for something and maybe it should mean something to us in 2021, despite the predictable lamentations of woketards who find every reason to relinquish dignity in favor of weepy pretensions. God forbid woketards should find it in themselves to defend a tradition, an identity, which isn’t imported from another continent or contrived from some human resources manual or liberal arts curriculum,  or worst of all, something which is the object of a statue or monument in the city center.

The trial is coming.  Will you remember when we all saw it coming?

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