This is how you “vaccine signal”

I don’t think that’s a thing yet, but I’m intent on making it so.

Why do people make things so unbearably human?

Scott Dworkin
Everyone needs to get vaccinated.

Pass it on.

I need to scream, “Get your shot but shut up about it. I don’t care about your gesture and I certainly don’t want to be the focus of your sanctimonious do-goody-isms about how I should get one too.”

I suspect my drama queen reaction is called “being a misanthrope.” Which defines about 85% of this blog.

I’ll get vaccinated when I can and that’s only so I can work and travel (many of my elderly acquaintances, including parents, are vaccinated). Masks and avoiding people have served me well and I certainly see no reason to stop now. I’m not a big fan of the experimental hacking of my DNA by profit-hungry corporations, but fine.


Vaccine signaling
TDV doing his part
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