Average BMI of Newsweek writer: 33.5

Well, not really, I don’t know that.  It’s conjecture and informed suspicion based on the political leanings of Newsweek’s articles.  They foment the victimization narrative over there and this morning, their offended feathers were ruffled again.

Calling to question the self-serving semantics of a rhetorical statement like “overweight people account for most COVID-19 deaths” in light of last week’s release of a study’s findings that revealed a strong link between obesity and COVID-19 mortality (I covered here), Newsweek addressed the fact mother nature is not kind to “overweight.”

But while the WOF’s report finds compelling evidence that countries with higher obesity levels report the most COVID-19 deaths, it does not say that the most global virus deaths occurred in people who were overweight. Rather than looking at the slice of the pie that overweight people make up in overall mortality, the study compares current obesity rates and COVID-19 death rates.

The authors also acknowledge that a country’s age structure, relative wealth and reporting capacity all have an impact on COVID-19 cases.

All this because a Conservative Tweet designed to trigger, and Newsweek took the bait in the pursuit of social justice and fat-soothing.

The study never implied “overweight” people represent the group with most COVID-19 deaths. It merely pointed out a strong correlation between obesity (can I even call it that any more) and increased mortality.

These are petty details which Newsweek, and the cult of victimhood which it perpetuates, gloss over in order to create inflammatory language engaged to disprove something experts never said.

This is a ploy of lefty apologists in the digital realm: postulate something outlandish that was never inferred and then proceed to “fact check” it (which is liberalese for legitimizing bullshit) so they can superficially disqualify all ranges of deserving arguments encapsulated in the realm of the fake statement.

The predominant finding of the study was, as CNN put it, Covid-19 death rates 10 times higher in countries where most adults are overweight. Correlation, not absolute causation, but Newsweek can’t be troubled to ignore Jack Posobiec’s hyperbole so they can continue chasing orphaned allegations in order to soothe the butthurt of “overweight” everywhere. This flies in the face of clear evidence that obesity (sorry, overweight-edness) directly leads to bad outcomes in many viral infections. The sensitivities of obese people are more important than pointing out the health risks of being fat.

Truth hurts, denial kills.

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