Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s cerebral efficacy TBD

A few politicians do not use their office to justify ignorance and stupidity. This rare breed actually accept their unique role with intellectual vigor and seek to exert a personal quest for wisdom which they impart for the sake of their constituents they have vowed to serve.

And many, like Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, remain ignorantly complacent in their post-electoral glow. Many take it so far that one can’t help but suspect the dubiousness of their motives as no one on this planet who has the baseline intelligence to run for office is capable of such stupidity.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan
Mike Duggan

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan declined an initial allocation of the newly authorized Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine this week even as nationwide demand continues to outpace available supply.

Duggan, a Democrat who has been mayor since 2014, said he turned down the shipment because the city is able to meet current demand with its supply of the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines — even as his administration expanded vaccine eligibility Thursday to residents ages 50 and older with chronic medical conditions.

A vaccine’s 72% efficacy, when contrasted with the 95% of another, is obviously vast on a scale of pure optics, but dropped into the real world context where concurrent mitigation efforts such as masks and distancing and common sense are the first line of defense, is not justification to turn away vaccine supplies. The different efficacies might account for a couple hundred extra cases (given a city of a million residents with COVID-19’s current mortality rate), most of which will be “tamer” due to the vaccine. Besides, it’s doubtful in today’s Coronavirus ecosystem that the Pfizer and Moderna efficacies really attain 95%. Those stellar figures were a relic efficacy of an environment when the virus had not yet experienced the mutations enabled by its proliferation during the Fall and Winter.

But Mike Duggan can’t be troubled with such nuance.

The COVID vaccine campaign has been every bit as annoying as I anticipated. Ignorance runs rampant and the one-upmanship game of “my score is bigger than your score” only reinforces my opinion. It’s the vaccine big leagues and I choose the 95% team! I’ll let Duggan tell you.

“So, Johnson & Johnson is a very good vaccine. Moderna and Pfizer are the best. And I am going to do everything I can to make sure the residents of the City of Detroit get the best,” Duggan said during a news conference Thursday.

His message was approved by the Pfizer-Moderna Efficacy Group which displayed great trailblazing spirit by running early trials when COVID-19’s diversity wasn’t quite as “expressed” as it is now.

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