Vox uses immigration writer to warn of American overthrow

Vox warns of deadly threats from violent D.C.-bound Right-Wingers and militia members (remember, they are one and the same, and in fact, you can throw QAnon in there as well).

But others have renewed their pledge of allegiance to “Q,” the anonymous poster who purports to be a Trump adviser and their leader. They have tried to rationalize Biden becoming president in increasingly outrageous ways, claiming that Biden and Trump are working together and even that Trump and Biden somehow switched bodies. And some are now looking to March 4 as the next big watershed moment for their movement — the date that they believe Trump will once again be inaugurated.

Domestic violent extremist groups have also latched on to the date as a potential opportunity to strike the US Capitol yet again. US Capitol Police said Wednesday that they had received an intelligence report about an unidentified militia group’s possible plot to break into the Capitol on March 4.

The department said in a statement that while it could not provide more details about the nature of the plot, it is “taking the intelligence seriously” and has “already made significant security upgrades” at the Capitol, including establishing a fenced perimeter and increasing manpower.

Ah yes, the reliable “for your eyes only” INTELLIGENCE REPORT based on the shadowy UNIDENTIFIED MILITIA GROUP’S sloppy revelation about its plans to overthrow the U.S. government.

That tired Democratic script.

I wish they could be a little more creative in their carefully prompted bullshit. Let me spell it out for you:

INTELLIGENCE REPORT, a fictional narrative crafted by Christopher Steele (or aspiring) with enough plausible deniability to withstand the peering eyes of the internet.

UNIDENTIFIED MILITIA GROUP, the anonymous virginal rantings of an endomorphic Q-Larper living in his parent’s basement.

A Department of Homeland Security and FBI intelligence bulletin sent to local law enforcement agencies on Tuesday also described extremists’ plan to seize the Capitol and remove Democratic lawmakers on or around March 4, NBC News reported.

It’s unclear what will happen to QAnon once March 4 passes without the coup they have predicted coming to fruition. The movement could find itself increasingly shedding followers, who might be amenable to recruitment by white supremacist and far-right militia groups that share a common enemy in Democrats and political elites broadly. But it’s likely that the movement will not crumble entirely, given that following it in the first place has required adherents to push aside any cognitive dissonance.

Uh. OK. Great hypothesis there. The writer, Nicole Narea, Vox’s “immigration reporter,” literally steps outside her comfort zone to spin a tale of alternate possibilities, the complexity and presumption of which makes me wonder if she didn’t have a hand in the intelligence report herself. Vox is staffed with paranoid Leftists inflaming fears of a non-existent threat, but apparently the guilt eats away at their clammy hands and they come clean.

There isn’t currently evidence of mass mobilization on March 4, but that could change.

At this point, it seems unlikely that the QAnon community will be able to mass mobilize on March 4.

So we comb through paragraphs of fear-mongering and Tom Clancy level nail-biting revelation only to be informed none of this will happen. But I knew this the minute I read the headline and laid eyes on the piece’s photo of one of these dangerous militia types who is aiming to destroy my comfortable and complacent American existence.

This is what the Right-Wing coup looks like.



Q + coup = Qoup
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