Class dysphoria, the new American way

A skillful Preface about class

… something I presume to touch upon.

Astral Codex Ten, or “ACT” in my own personal glossary of Acronyma Autista, is cosmically prolific. If you wish, glimpse the blog sorcery.  His daily profusion of scholarly tomes is a feat of magic.

And there is me.

It’s all about money.

∞($$$) trumps race, looks, age and other physical traits or hierarchical qualities of a physical nature which, in archaic frames, would count for more than materialism.

In 2021 and generations adjacent, money has evolved into a proxy for class; is this not the distinctive trait of modernity?  You have the ability to buy your way into a higher class and once ensconced, are free to perpetuate a self-reinforcing familial lineage. Class creates nothing in and of itself in this age of cynicism.

The wealthy are a class of kingly affectations because they possess that which elevates them from the humdrum reality of us worker bees and salary slaves. They have money and this is why we have disdain and impatience for celebrities and athletes, who are worth many comma-tized zeroes, when they cry about inequality, racism and the overall carnivorous essence of this unfair world.

Who can take that seriously?

There is a glaring status incongruity of victimization which I cannot fathom from these people. They belong to a rare class of supreme wealth but choose to masquerade as a lower class using their color and ethnicity as a predicate. They practice a very base form of opportunism.  What ensues is an entitled sense of “Americanism,” a quality these sportsballers and prima donna celebs of Color who assume ethnicity and race affords them a free pass to complain as if they were repressed. But they bought and worked their way up to the higher rungs of class but they do not act the role.  Class does not equal dignity and this what offends most.

Let me tell you what you won’t hear:  billionaire cartel bosses from Latin America crying about life’s inequities on behalf of the lowly indigenous people of their territories.  Cartel brass in Mexico accept they are in a class above, so they act the part. They don’t buy into the ingratiating self-tormented Americanism of Colin Kaepernick.  Drug elites are muy contento with their wealth and upper class status while failing to exude pretentious “po’ me” despair for the camera and simpering politicians.

Americanism rewards identity dysphoria of every derivation you can think of. Race, age, physical intactness – all fair game in the appropriation scheme. But the most prevalent and accepted is class dysphoria.  We’ve indulged in it for decades.

Class dysphoria is the precursor to Americanism and its promise of prosperity for all, even the laziest of cretins.  We are mesmerized by the inevitability of the good life and blankets of luxury.  Corporations leech from Americanism since there is profit to be raked in from the publicized all-will-succeed lie.

The Credit industry, and its minions, credit cards, are the benevolent equalizer which affords us the right to live the upper class life we know we haven’t earned. Most of us identity as a class a few floors beyond our reach.

Thank goodness for easy loans so we can realize our Transclass identity.

After all, normal human behavior is to strive upwards, but Americanism is dystopic and distorts natural order;  it has enabled the reverse. In this culture there are many who righteously belong to the upper classes but ostentatiously strive downwards and make a grand spectacle of signaling the dull pretentions of the bottom classes.  They wear their Americanism well, and are lauded.

Nothing proclaims “look how low I can be” than complaining about “systemic” inequity in such a self-serving fashion.

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