The Left can’t meme but it can sure complain about them

Excuse my hyperbole, but then again, what do you think this is…a personal, self-hosted blog or something???

What is hyperbole if not “overdescription?” In the case of my current hyperbole, the “overdescription” I engage in is describing a stereotypical collection of repulsive tools, aka, twats:  Sara Fischer from Axios, Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green, both from CBS.   This CBS segment captures their prattling Chicken Little torrent of panic and despair.

Memes so bad.  Memes so destructive.

Memes are capturing the minds of the public and polluting them with bad right-wing fervor!

This is an interminable 15:00 display of self-righteous condemnation of memes and their stubborn refusal to parrot the leftist script that corporate news media exists to perpetuate proudly, and very possessively.


Behold this trio of smug liberal corporate media types pow-wowing around their tampon circle while discussing the perils of right-wing memes and their weaponization which then leads to the decline of decent Democratic civilization and all things appropriately left-wing.

I suppose the ability of the public to pile aboard the news wagon so they can publicize their own brand of truly independent thought is a little intrusive to the paragons of “serious” journalism who ultimately are blander versions of those weaponized mouthpieces who make dangerous memes.

I’ll tell you what is weaponized: the liberal spew disguised as journalism from corporate media outlets.  They use size and bankroll to shove their ideology down our throats.  Some of us fight back, some of us nod agreeably, and a lot of us are too lazy or dumb to have an opinion but the resounding voice of corporate media is a powerful enforcer of this fallacious paradigm which the disinterested can succumb to in a pinch.

It’s fine for the liberal narrative to be weaponized so we can all ha-ha at houseflies devouring the Republican Vice-President’s hair, but memes which obnoxiously rebuff the corporate normie narrative and point out the bland hypocrisy of the herd are dangerous and disruptive.


MSM weaponization

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