The Kevin Mather Principle: apology is submission

My ascetic incompatibility with greed and materialism borders on legendary and autistic.

My lifestyle, considering its urban SoCal metro nature, seems better suited to a mountain man living in a remote cabin with no running water. To my detriment, money has been one of my lesser motivations for anything in this life.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t mind stuff; in fact, through my 30’s, I was preoccupied with clothes and toys and having a good time. But power and money do not get my heart racing in and of themselves. For me, money was a necessary evil if I wanted to play and that was my thing; I played.

Long story short, I’m not rich.

I’m not even well-to-do.

But for the first time in my life, I find myself craving wealth and power. I wish I had sway, influence and swarms of spineless sycophants cowering in my tyrannical shadow. I would like that because it means I’m in a position to speak what’s on my mind (and that is not pretty) and be supremely unapologetic about it.

If I piss people off and everyone hates on me, it would bring glee to my heart if I could respond to their sensible calls for an apology with a big fat “Eat shit.”

If I was wealthy and powerful, people might hear me roar, and I would roar mercilessly.

As a rich and powerful man, I would speak my mind and “I’m sorry” would not exist in my tool kit of non-existent supplication. I would meet offense and anger and shrill condemnations with a bored smile and topped with a dismissive flourish of my hand.

I want to be rich because rich people, especially rich men, have no balls, so I would be different because I would have big balls. Big, obnoxious balls.

How do these men become rich and powerful while possessing to little apparent backbone?

I understand the rich dynamic is tenuous; the maintenance of this “rich” gig requires that people kowtow to the marketplace of ideas which, in today’s climate, is rigidly liberal and threatens to implode your shit if you say anything that insults the delicate sensibilities of the social justice crew.

Just once, it would be so sweet if a rich man (like the hypothetical me) laughed at the collective guilt-tripping arrowed his way after pissing off a bunch of soft-headed liberals. Better, if he laughed and mocked them. This was Donald Trump’s greatest appeal. We liked the evil troll that lurked in that smug face and which put delicate society to pasture.

Once you piss off the Left, you can’t make it right. Go ahead, apologize and parrot all the platitudes and regrets you can dig out of your empty pockets, but you are doomed. The society of Orwellian groupthink will make sure you never come back. If you apologize like a simpering sloth, you’ve handed your balls over and surrendered all self-respect. If you don’t apologize, their shrieking and wailing will intensify because they are twats. In the face of this outrage, you alone are the Man, the stalwart icon who shrugs off their wrath like the ass pimple it is.

And if you apologize, you’ll most likely end up in the same place you were trying to avoid by placating the crowd to begin with.

Less than 24 hours after a video of an early February speech/Q&A, featuring an array of controversial and incendiary comments about players in the organization he represents, given to the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club went viral and less than 12 hours after offering an apology and promising to make amends to everyone he insulted or offended, Kevin Mather resigned his position as the team’s Chief Executive Officer and president effective immediately.

Kevin Mather
Kevin Mather

Given the fact that Mather released his apologetic statement late Sunday evening, vowing to make amends and repair the damage he had wrought, it seemed as though the organization was leaning toward maintaining Mather’s employment. MLB sources felt that the Mariners were working to avoid a termination.

What changed in that time?

“I believe that for all of us, it was the speed with which things unfolded, even though the talk he had given was two-plus weeks ago, at least I wasn’t aware of it until yesterday,” Stanton said. “I don’t think Kevin was aware that there was a tape of it until yesterday. And things happened very rapidly. I probably made 30 phone calls yesterday and another 30 or 40 today. So I think that is probably true for Kevin as well. He started to read a lot of the press, frankly. I’m sure that influenced him as well.”

Kevin Mather could have died with his boots on but by apologizing weakly, he died with his pants down.

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