Liberals and the MSM use the Prism Effect to damn the Right

I’m “embroiled” in an ongoing, low-grade Twitter conflict.

It has spanned longer than is reasonable and the exchange is so underwhelming that one must wonder why the sparring parties (I’m one of them) bother to keep the game going.

It’s like the lamest verbal slow motion ping-pong altercation ever and unfortunately, it’s not coming to a satisfactory conclusion.

This is the last Tweet.

I don’t like Twitter’s embedding algorithm which makes it impossible to embed a long thread from beginning to end, so I’ve attached a screenshot of the entire string for better context.  A roadmap which details how CarolJoy and me have come to this grueling standoff.

reflection versus projection

CarolJoy is being sanctimonious and the “playing dumb” schtick does not suit her, but my purpose here is not to talk shit about CarolJoy behind her back.  She raises a legitimate point that I would rather not use Twitter’s short-form structure to respond in.

So I blog.

I am an isolated, island mind who defines his reality inadvertently, without awareness of how its innate isolation’s influence might puzzle those not privy to its minute workings. This remote process also leads me to invent semantic structures that become embodied in my personal glossary and I forget no one else has a copy. I create words and concepts that only define my own contextual existence. Sometimes one of those words or concepts leaks into the world and reasonable people don’t have the vaguest clue what I’m saying.

Such as CarolJoy who is justified in forcing the issue with my Tweet. My own esoteric concept of “reflection” is assuredly not projection, nor is it the same practice of reflection that is implied in self-reflection.

The easiest way to explain my private definition of “reflection” is to refer to the definition of projection.

According to common usage, projection “is the process of displacing one’s feelings onto a different person, animal, or object.”

An integral element of projection is transference of the self directly to another person as part of a dual schematic. It is a mirrored dynamic in which one’s conceptualization is imprinted upon an opposing human screen.

My private definition of reflection is thematically similar, except there are 3 parties involved. The mirror mechanism continues to participate.  Party 1 wields the mirror which is pointed at Party 2.  Party 3 is the focus of the mirror’s reflection of Party 2, the reflector.

A common example of projection is bullying.  My suggested example of reflection is bigotry and stereotyping which those on the Left are supremely guilty of despite their willingness to impart that behavior solely on the Right.

Unlike projection, reflection involves the mirrored idiosyncrasies of a removed party not holding the mirror. In projection, the “self” is an integral element of the projection.  In reflection, the mirror is in possession of a party whose traits and habits are not part of the equation;  the party in possession of the mirror is instigating a role upon Party 3 based on Party 2’s mirrored reflection.   The commanding party (holding the mirror) reflects the putative traits of Party 2 onto Party 3.

A snazzier name for reflection could be the “Prism Effect.”

Liberal reflection is the mechanism by which Conservatives who voted for Donald Trump were collectively guilty of this:

MAGA insurrection
they came to assassinate all Democrats and overthrow America…
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