May Parsons defends COVID against charges of discrimination

You might remember May Parsons. She was the adjacent photo prop when 91-year-old Margaret Keenan from England received the first public COVID-19 Pfizer jab outside of the clinical trials.  Parsons was the “Matron” (a head nurse to those of us in the post-Colonial world) at University Hospital Coventry who was entrusted to administer the first dose of the world-saving vaccine and she got to walk her patient out the door for a wholesome photo op before the injected RNA even had a chance to break out of its lipid membrane and begin its mission of saving the human race.


May Parsons and Margaret Keenan after jab
May Parsons and Margaret Keenan


In the limited context of photogenic Matrons, Pfizer landed an exotic looker to dole out its product for the big lens.


May I, May?
The vaccine lady


Parsons, hailing from that global nursing pool we know as the Philippines, is pleasing to the eyes. And not only that, she gives great shots. If it wasn’t for the horrible frumpy uniform, I might guess this baby got back.

May Parsons

Not about to let this cosmetic godsend slip away without maximal exploitation, a deviously theoretical combination of MSM/Pfizer/University Hospital have resurrected May Parsons from the bin of old vaccine news and catapulted her onto the interview circuit with a carefully prepared script.

Not that “carefully,” but it doesn’t matter because the intended audience does not belong to the analytically minded among us. It’s only important that they portray our ethnic Matron as the vaccine lady whose encyclopedic knowledge of all things COVID-19 will serve to justify and turbocharge our fears of the virus (which can only be warded off with the vaccine).

The first person to administer a Covid-19 vaccination has warned that the virus ‘does not discriminate’, and that it’s a ‘lottery’ how each body will react.

The nurse…appeared on Lorraine today where she hailed the vaccine as a ‘beacon of hope’.

‘In the Covid wards at the moment they are still coming in,’ said May. ‘So I would like people to maintain social distancing.

‘We have people coming in really, really poorly and it doesn’t matter your activity levels, what your medical history is, it’s like a lottery. You can’t know how your body will react to it until you get it, so please take care of yourself and stop spreading the virus.’

That there is some spoon-fed hysteria!

For the record:  COVID-19 is very bigoted. It always discriminates without shame.  Any half-witted doctor would tell you. Of course, in the world of health outcomes, there are no absolutes, but if I was a gambling man I’d put my money on the lean 18-year-old kid with no health problems to fight off COVID over the 61-year-old obese cigarette-smoker with diabetes and high blood pressure.

COVID plays favorites; it chooses the obese, the sickly, the old.  That is discriminatory in my book.

And why am I impelled to point this out?  It’s not as if I’m imparting obscure factoids – I presume COVID’s predatory favoritism is common knowledge.   The quasi pharmaceutical spokeswoman and sage of Coronavirus, May Parsons, may fool some of the people some of the time, but apparently, the fools can be fooled all of the time.

‘That small light which started with the vaccine to Margaret, it’s now 15 million. Obviously that light is spreading and hopefully, when the time comes and everyone is vaccinated we can then achieve a new normal. [That] is something to be really hopeful for.’

Perhaps it’s not about the what they have May parroting, but about implanting the RNA of hypnosis and suggestion into the hivemind and letting it proliferate a spike narrative which will be primed to ward off doubt and skepticism.


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