When reverse cancel culture falters…

Easy for them to say.

But some pragmatism is in order, please.

I’m as disgusted as anyone by Disney Plus, Marvel and the whole mob of Hollywood liberal dolts who steer mainstream culture and all its tender, fragile mercies that avoid stepping on toes of the untouchable victims of today’s narrative.

Gina Carano merely made an analogy that allegedly minimized the tribulations and sufferings of the greatest victimized group of modern society, a real no-no.  It doesn’t help that she has a renowned track record of saying things which are abrasive to the showbiz sensibility.

There are groups we shall not insult; groups whose motivations and whining we shall never dare to blaspheme. Disney, that tiresome global media entity with talking animals and shitty immature entertainment, is at the forefront of perpetuating the prefabricated victim script for many groups.

But in every household, there will be those who enjoy the mainstream tripe. There is a pragmatic ramification to reverse cancel culture. I’d love to cancel Disney Plus…I would not miss their garbage at all. But it’s a shared household.

The difference between the left’s cancel culture and the right’s cancel culture is that the left’s threats frighten the elites while the right’s further inflame their offense.  That is because the left is in control of mainstream culture and popular entertainment outlets.

I may not cancel, but I can sure rail.

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