Connecticut whites taking all the vaccines from poor POC’s.

Amanda Cuda, health reporter for the New Haven Register, exemplified her Journalism B.A. credentials in a story she printed earlier today.  She resorted to a popular MSM device I call “contextual corruption” which is normally fueled by politically motivated ignorance of statistics. All journalism graduates of her ilk indulge in this willful (and sadly, not so willful) mathematical and analytic imbecility.

They scrape by with minimal scientific requirements so they can graduate and join the journalistic profession in order to tout the official Leftist narrative while displaying the least expertise necessary to explicate statistics and epidemiology in a cogent manner that will be informative to their readers.  In other words, journalists doing their job, which is to relay a full set of objective facts and context which will result in a well-informed readership fully armed with knowledge and the ability to make reasoned opinions.

Her headline proclaims…

Vaccine data shows wide racial, ethnicity gap

…but in all fairness, she probably didn’t write that. The Register’s editorial staff, efficiently encapsulating their Leftist leanings in a headline snippet, probably composed this misnomer themselves.

But Cuda’s direct contextual corruption, not to be deterred, reveals itself.

More than half of all doses of COVID-19 vaccine given in the state as of Feb. 3 were given to white people, according to data released by the state Department of Public Health on Wednesday.

The data released by the state showed that of the 333,796 doses administered to state residents older than 16, some 187,378 — 56.1 percent — went to those identifying as white. The disparities remained when the data was broken down into those aged 16 to 74 and those 75 and older.

Certainly sounds damning. Those Connecticut whites are stealing all the vaccine for themselves.  Dat white privilege!  Amanda Cuda’s lead paragraph screams (shrieks) her ulterior agenda. Cover your ears.

I wonder how Amanda, summoning her general ed statistics prowess, would address a simple control data set that rebuts this example of her contextual corruption?  Apparently, she can’t be bothered.

According to the most recent estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, 67.50% of state residents identify as white, 9.80% as Black or African American, 0.10% as American Indian or Alaska Native, 4.40% as Asian, 0.00% as Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, 15.70% as Hispanic or Latino, and 2.40% as some other race or combination of races.

Perhaps Amanda Cuda, master wordsmith, might consider a word that might not have remained in her vocabulary for long after a 4-year bout with agenda-driven journalism school: proportionate.

If she had, she might have found it interesting that Connecticut whites, proportionately, are receiving less than their share of the vaccine, by a factor of 11%. About 11% of Connecticut whites have been deprived of their vaccine in favor of other races and ethnicities.  How’s that for self-sacrifice.

I don’t think Amanda Cuda’s intention was to unveil this unsavory fact, so it was easier and less challenging (and more professionally rewarding) for her to vomit out contextual corruptions teasing out a Liberal narrative that most readers will eat up ignorantly, perpetuating ill-deserved grievances.  Another job well done by the MSM.

Amanda Cuda
Amanda Cuda, New Haven Register



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