Merry’s Merry Marauders go to Washington, get a rap sheet

So we’ve met our newest seditious renegade overthrower attacker of the American government, the once and future tyrant who will imprison and torture, then execute, all good left-wing socially-just Americans.

Dude.  He probably thinks #BLM is a socialist organization!

This guy, sixty-year old William Merry Jr, of St. Louis. Enemy of the Deep State.

Seditious Boomer

War is declared on the Boomers. The “Capitol siege” provided the groundwork of a sticky honeypot that drew a lot of older folks who missed their righteous insurrection moment as young lads a chance to reclaim their faded revolutionary glory.

Like a Poison reunion tour, their re-assembly on the stage of “dangerous” civil unrest is similarly sad. And now mainstream culture is foisting them up for ridicule and shame. There is no other explanation for the heavy-handed federal response that has revealed the Left is quite capable of law-and-order sternness as long as the focus of law enforcement is not a POC thug.

The uncle of a Missouri woman accused of participating in the riot at the U.S. Capitol last month is now facing charges himself.

A federal complaint against William Merry Jr. of St. Louis County was unsealed late Thursday. Merry is the uncle of Emily Hernandez, 21, of Sullivan, who was charged on Jan. 16.

Federal prosecutors allege that Merry and Hernandez were among hundreds of supporters of former President Donald Trump who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 after Trump spoke at a rally, forcing lawmakers inside to go into hiding. A Capitol police officer was among five people who died.

Merry is charged with theft of government property, knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building, disorderly conduct impeding the conduct of government business, and disruptive conduct in the Capitol buildings.

Leftist culture and its conglomerate media mouthpieces are on a mission of shame and belittlement. They dress it up in hyperventilated semantics like “Capitol attack/insurrection/overthrow/sedition” but it rings hollow when you really look closely at the “attack” on January 6 when hundreds of dorky LARPers and a crotchety band of Boomer Reunion Tour pilgrims were this close to assassinating the entirety of the government and bringing down America.

Whew.  Even the Left knows their hyperbole is unbearable and token but they know nothing works like inflaming passions and offense from the embers of what isn’t really there.  That’s page one of the Liberal playbook.

Merry’s Merry Marauders almost conquered America.

We had a close scrape with reason.



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