The Arbiters of Truth, protectors of decency

In today’s Leftist regime there are many holy grails of the unspeakable. Numerous subjects are cordoned off from the mainstream narrative by the Arbiters of Truth. The stifling effect from this monopolization of “reality” is tyrannical and further emboldened since the Arbiters can mold events as truth in hindsight, like the “fact” that a few hundred rabble-rousing drunken schizoids, allowed to enter the nation’s Capitol Building on January 6, are more of a threat to American democracy than they are to the front lawn. With such social firepower in their arsenal, Arbiters spin capricious truths that multiply exponentially due to their parasitic alliance with the media and corporate voices. The Arbiters inflict an inverted oppression in which they also shape that forbidden zone where certain subjects cannot be uttered.

Along with voting fraud, Q-Anon and Deep State pedophile rings, prepare yourself for a newly forbidden subject upon which Twitter and other social media minions will exert a stranglehold, driving many from their rolls for merely mentioning: the state of marital union (now or former) between Minnesota Democratic Representative, Ilhan Omar, and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, her putative brother.

The crusade to protect Ilhan Omar from allegations of incestuous convenience are underway and the Arbiters of Truth are constructing the stage for a new level of digital banishment. I predict within a month or two, this topic will be met with instant banishment from “polite” society. Ilhan’s familial situation, legitimately suspicious and deserving of a second look, will be ushered into the swath of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ostracization as its narrative “child” and thus inherit all the aghast leftism and self-righteousness necessary to make the marriage story disappear under the auspices of “conspiracy” and “fringe.”

With this suspicion in mind, I would like to introduce a new meme made possible by the fact that I recently finished a weeks-long binge of the entire run of Game of Thrones. In this respect, the meme is a tad esoteric, so it may escape the scrutiny of the Arbiters and many others.  For now.

In honor of ulterior gradations of Truth inflicted by Leftist groupthink.

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