The 2021 Vaccine Tour: stadiums, cruise ships…brothels?

Say what you will about the aspiring COVID-19 vaccines and the ensuing mayhem, chaos and pining they’ve caused, one thing is undeniable: Moderna and Pfizer, whose combined stake in the success and proliferation of their offerings is astronomical, along with the rest of greedy profit culture which lavishes bountiful praise on the syringe-ical saviors from economic destruction, are collectively indulging in shameless mass hypnosis upon the impressionable masses.

The collaboration between pharmaceuticals and purveyors of commerce is horrifying and amusing. I suppose it must be this way, but that does not make me cringe any less. Perhaps if they were less surreptitious, I might not find it as excruciating to witness the psychological manipulation enacted on the population in order to return to a post-pandemic semblance of normalcy, ie, wherein we spend all our $$ so the elites can resume their rudely interrupted luxuriousness.

The sly implantation of suggestion reeks of a vile sort of subliminal programming. This is the fuel of advertising and product tie-ins focused toward coercion of a populace riddled with social collapse.

My favorite methodology from the Pandemic Industrial Complex is the synaptic linkage of vapid consumerism and unabashed faith in the vaccine, one example being offering mass vaccinations in large public venues which have been reduced to ghost towns since 2020. Dodger Stadium, Padre Stadium and Disneyland are recent venues which have come to life after being shuttered for months. They represent behemoths of spending, eating and frivolity, symbols of good old-fashioned American extravagance and idle distraction. What better place to implant the vaccine ideology than here? “Get a jab and maybe we’ll let you play!” implies the conjunction of auspicious RNA hope and long lines, crowds, traffic, beer, popcorn, prima donna athletes and talking animals!

I chose these examples because they happened in my own backyard, but this brand of mass programming has been occurring throughout the world as we globally vanquish SARS-2.

The sequential pain/reward formula works well in all cultures and harks back to a common parental practice of convincing children to submit to the needle by promising ice cream or candy immediately after the doctor visit. As adults, the big boys from the Pandemic Industrial Complex and its assorted corporate and pharmaceutical members are using the same motivational ploy. It’s overt, but something about scientists and the media doing the bidding of the elites in such an unqualified display of cynical chicanery triggers a defiance I’ve never outgrown.

Perhaps the most fitting of these “transplantations” of vaccine ceremonies is this one that is taking place on a cruise ship that has been collecting dust since last year.

An out-of-commission cruise ship has been repurposed as a Covid-19 vaccination centre for thousands of residents in the northern Swiss towns of Romanshorn, Arbon and Kreuzlingen.

The 89-year-old MS Thurgau, which usually holds 500 passengers, has earned the nickname “vaccine vaporetto” by some locals as it will sail from harbour to harbour on Europe’s third largest lake, Lake Constance, to deliver the jabs.

Two vaccination stations on board the ship have the capacity to vaccinate 24 people every hour – one every five minutes – or 168 people each day during a seven-hour shift.

If any industry needs all the tools of persuasion available in order to redeem itself and make money again, it’s the cruise lines. They were assaulted by viral outbreaks early in the pandemic with a series of high-profile super-spreader events. Any necessary NLP, gaslighting, group hypnosis, subliminal messaging, or whatever your favorite Jedi mind trick is that will make people connote the vaccine with spending money is mighty fine with them.

Urs Martin, an elected official for the canton of Thurgau, said authorities initially considered creating mobile vaccine centres on buses, but eventually chose to use the cruise ship which has been out of commission due to the pandemic.

Well played, Urs.

The masses are pliable; add fear to the mix and they turn into literal mind slaves.

Besides, rumor has it that the 2021 Vaccine Tour’s next stop will be select brothels.

Only nice brothels, though.

Just a rumor.

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