They did it again.

Our HOLLYWOOD sign is a source of civic pride here in Tinseltown as it is fittingly one of the great attention whore magnets of the modern world. Its precarious but conspicuous appearance beckons from afar. Its simple pillared construction and hillside seclusion beg for creative defacement.

Like ice sculpture, the deed usually doesn’t live very long. The “update” is invariably taken down immediately by the police or Johnny Grant, Ghost of.

The latest rendition of the Hollywood sign was sketched yesterday to much local fanfare.

I would be very surprised if “HOLLYBOOB” had never been an attempted revision before. It is so contextually obvious.

Personally, given the nature of this town and its conformist political leanings and insatiable pretention, a more fitting defacement would accurately be…


All apologies to John Lydon and Leftfield.

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