The Anti-American Pandemicism Movement

Trashing America has become the rote fashion accessory of the past year.

Taiwan, New Zealand, Sweden and all those small homogeneous nations that vanquished COVID-19 are models to behold! America should be like them. Of course, it doesn’t deter the bashing that the pandemic happened under Trump’s watch, so the Anti-American Pandemicism Movement has overlapped conveniently with Trump-bashing. Quite appropriately, as President Trump miserably proved to be the wrong President for the wrong pandemic. His rigid persona and nationalism could never co-exist (ie, share the stage) with a once-a-century life-altering cataclysm like a slow-burn killing machine known as Coronavirus SARS-2.

Trump had it all until January, 2020, happened. He never recovered.  The prosperous tidal wave that was delivering him to a very auspicious election year came crashing down in a tsunami of bad luck and defeat.

America, ’tis of thee, destroyed by a virus because we couldn’t be like one of those small islands that is unified by class, racial and cultural homogeneity.

How could America have failed?

I’ll tell you how. This meme I found on my Facebook wall this morning explains.


Fire Dave

Obvious visual metaphor aside, this meme points to a bigger picture.

Of course the worker, the man doing the digging and sweating, is the least defended and regarded, especially in today’s culture. But it also implicates a vast shift in the sociopolitical paradigm. Society and its institutions have become top-heavy.  There are massive layers of detritus moving up the ladder and the managerial and supervisorial classes are bloated with redundant, meaningless participants who provide little of value other than systemic input that is then coaxed along the informational transference circuit in order to create a recursive corporate backflow which feeds itself an unnourishing sense of accomplishment.

In 2021, titles are like awards: everyone’s got one.  The college industrial complex is responsible for bestowing a sense of entitlement on its participants, an assuredness that college is significant because everyone does it.

If I’m going to college, I don’t want to be called a hole digger.  What I want to do is clog up the system’s efficient flow because my college educated grandiosity needs to fill disruptive space in the assembly line of a functioning society.  I have a title and you’ll get your vaccine TBD.

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