Joe Biden, the minimal morsel and place holder

I’m not asking, because there’s not much of a question.  That is, unless I’m aiming for that rhetorical thing to make a point, but it looks like Tom Elliott took care of that.

Does anyone think “President Biden” is intended to be someone we’ll “get used to” or grow to love? Cattle ranchers tell us we shouldn’t name the animals we will eat.  That’s good advice for the Democrats.

As I posted on December 29, Joe Biden is a place holder. He was the “minimal morsel” the Democrats chose to sacrifice at the altar of the political sun gods.  Biden was running against President Trump so the fact he was a (barely) warm body that could respond to basic stimulus didn’t hurt.  That was the sole requirement to run against the sitting President…everything else was set in place.  Biden would need to continue breathing until the election.  Now the spot is saved and the Democrats are ready to inflict their cultural destruction.

Once installed, Biden’s role is to play the part of a man able to cling to his failing wits by sitting erect for a few minutes at a time.  Unfortunately, it’s easier for him to sit stiffly than to look alive on camera (or at least someone who will be so in 4 years).

Of course Joe is not fine, and Kamala is drooling again.

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