Anthony Fauci’s Epidemiological Syndicate

I didn’t mind Dr. Anthony Fauci last Spring when COVID-19 invaded our shores. I esteem scientists and their steadfast objectivity, especially during times of madness and emotion, such as it was then. When knowledge is scarce and facts are pliable, the only reassurance is found in the “north stars” of society: the objectivists, the scientists, who don’t fall prey to personal agendas or let superstition cloud their vision. The first half of 2020 was indeed a tumultuous period of darkness and ignorance.

The comically Trumpian Coronavirus briefings were somewhat comforting in their pitter-patter daily appearance at our doorstep. Dr. Fauci spoke clearly and directly about a virus that seemed tremendously dangerous.

Anthony Fauci

I liked him;  how could I not?  He was a small, mousey twerp, much like myself. There was a physical kinship we shared and I also thought of myself as scientific-minded. I detected a crescendo of online rumblings from the Right about him, but I discounted the griping as belonging to the usual anti-mask brigades who harbored strong anti-science sentiments.

Cue forward to the second half of 2020.  The luster of my Fauci honeymoon began to tarnish as I learned more about his track record coupled with the fact I had was forced to witness his tiresome minor celebrity status almost every day.  My disenchantment with him grew.

There are several avenues of disrepute to be levied against the earnest Dr. Fauci, but the one I find most interesting, as it directly implicates him in the outbreak of COVID-19, is his fondness of “gain of function” research. This branch of epidemiological research seeks to create bigger, stronger and better bionic viruses and is broadly praised or condemned by two camps of scientists. Proponents believe overstated virus permutations that don’t normally occur in the wild are very useful because they offer scientists the ability to study viruses which present the extreme limits of virulence or contagiousness and thus aide in the creation of vaccines which may anticipate that once-in-a-millennium killer Stephen King-style pathogen. The opposing school sees no benefit in creating these unnatural and unrealistic virus forms since they never occur in the wild and present a serious danger if one considers the routine security lapses at biological labs throughout the years.

Fauci, that mad scientist variety of epidemiologist, saw his gain-of-function indulgence banned in 2014 during the Obama administration only to watch as it was lifted just 3 years later during Trump, and just 2 years before COVID-19 emerged from somewhere over There.

Not that Obama or Trump mattered to a deep-state fixture like Fauci. He answered only to his own personal chain of command, apparently, as he adroitly circumvented any symbolic prohibitions in order to continue nourishing his viral agenda unabated.

Steve Hilton assembled a revealing trail of breadcrumbs which guides us through Fauci’s magically corrupt forest.

Fauci’s Epidemiological Syndicate created an auspicious win-win failsafe feedback loop with his support and funding of a risky research model that hovered over the safety net of vaccine research that was armed and ready to spring to action in the event someone forgot to bolt the lab doors shut.

What better place than that hotbed of bat viruses, Wuhan Institute of Virology?

Up to bat

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