Phenomenon #45 and the pacification operation

What was I implying in last week’s Inauguration Day post, anyhow?

In that piece I strove to hint, perhaps suggest, a subliminal tone of incredulity and curiosity while containing wild suspicions lest I sound like a deranged Q-tard.  One of those who might spy Trump’s enigmatic “Plan” in a puff of clouds or a clump of wet tea leaves. Q-tards, a group of despondent illusionists who believed, right up up until January 20, that Donald Trump and his messianic army of justice would deliver the United States from the grip of evil and entrenched corruption (many of them still hold on to the fantasy), are possessed with pathological conviction that their tale is religiously immutable, a pillar of truth that stands heroically in a world of human disrepair. Everything that happens, regardless of its clear, logical refutation of all things the “Plan,” is nevertheless molded to accommodate the magical narrative.

So was I implying last Wednesday? No. “Implying” is overt. It wasn’t that. I decided I must retreat in time, back to when Trump started his Presidential journey.

Without then, there would be no “now.”

I would like to unbundle my curious intrigue at the timing of Trump’s raucous Presidential announcement in June, 2015, along with his bold assertion about illegal immigrants. This sparked a fierce dialogue that was enervated 2 weeks later by the murder of a white woman at the hands of a prototypical Mexican illegal immigrant in San Francisco.

It happened exactly as the new Presidential candidate warned.

It wasn’t just the timing, but the circumstances as well. If Francisco Sanchez was a young hoodlum with a violent, criminal past who shot and killed Steinle during a robbery or rape, well, the leopard revealed his spots and the story, though dreadful, skates by as another violent act in a violent country.

But Sanchez was not that. The circumstances leading to his existential collision with Steinle and her ensuing murder were bizarre; add to this chain of events the fact that a stolen federal law enforcement officer’s gun was the murder weapon (wrapped in a shirt under a bench waiting for Ramirez) and the story ascends several rungs of sordid “curiosity.”

Now there are no ramifications of note if Donald Trump’s Presidential aspirations had ended there. His Presidential momentum was spawned amid this conflict, and our nation has not been the same.

When a deviation from reality’s normal route is initiated by oddities of happenstance, one can only weave suspicions about that very happenstance.

Was Donald Trump part of a broader, sinister campaign which sought to implant the destruction of traditional society? Or one which sought to capitalize on a dire situation to accelerate this destruction? The Q movement, born in the unlikeliest place, psychologically ingrained itself into a subculture that also appears to have caught the unlikely ear of President Trump’s coterie.

Any suggestion in 2015 that the POTUS would be mentioned in the same legitimized breath as a counter- or anti-cultural image board like 4chan would have been dubious, at best. Five years later, it’s within the realm of possibility.

Was the cultural Trump hoopla an insidious distraction set in place at the very high reaches of society?

There is a post entitled, “King Con,” which certainly makes a case that the Q “movement” is indeed a broad controlled elitist operation whose mission is the “pacification” and degradation of the remaining clear-headed individuals who would have little hesitation battling with the inculcation of a quasi-socialist global paradigm.

Society has been evolving in this direction for decades, but when the faintest opportunity presents itself, a well-prepped operation armed with foresight and the means, can engage immediately if acceleration is foreseeable.

From the post, an astute deconstruction of the Trump mythos (aka, Phenomenon #45) and the “pacification operation” of 2016-2020.


The entire Trump presidency was one continuous pacification operation. Just off the top of my head, here are some MAGA-era highlights:

* A string of terrible hires and appointments, from the Bolshevik “Mad Dog” Mattis to Christopher Wray to William Barr to the loathsome Dr. Fauci.

* Terrible advisors and confidants, from swinger and “Republicans for Choice” founder Roger Stone to lifelong Democrat/sudden Republican Michael Cohen to the aforementioned lifelong Democrat/sudden Republican Michael Flynn.

* Keeping Fauci on as he torpedoed the US economy and the Trump presidency.

* Three weak SCOTUS appointments, two of whom were practically unopposed by the Democrats.

* Signed emergency order that funded state lockdowns, and never revoked it.

* Signed the CARES Act, an insidious bill that incentivized COVID+ “cases”/deaths, and encouraged low-wage unemployment.

* Signed a second disastrous stimulus/budget bill after threatening a veto, without getting a single concession.

* Support for “red flag” laws that give the FBI the power to strip individual 2A rights at their sole discretion, without trial (get ready for that one).

* Support for a bump-stock ban, which allows the ATF to arbitrarily classify accessories and gun parts as banned weapons (this has already been extended to AR-15 pistols under his administration).

* The bumbling, utterly incompetent effort to fight and expose the most ridiculously blatant election heist in US history.

* The non-existent effort to stop said election theft before it happened, in spite of a published and widely publicized blueprint detailing EXACTLY how it would be done (see the Transition Integrity Project).

* The non-existent effort to stop the EXACT SAME THING from happening in two Senate runoff races in Georgia, with control of the Senate in the balance.

* Never once raising the issue of high-cycle PCR tests, even after China effectively eliminated the “pandemic” through proper testing standards.

* No DOJ investigation of the Great Nursing Home Massacre of 2020, and barely any mention of it at all.

* Operation: Warp Speed and the relentless promotion of untested injections posing as vaccines.

* Spiritual Advisor to the President, Paula White.

* Increased funding for Planned Parenthood in every year of his presidency (without any budget battles or threatened shutdowns over it).

* The disingenuous defunding of the WHO, then redirecting that precise amount to the Gates/WHO sponsored GAVI Alliance.

* No pardon for Julian Assange, without whom there is no Trump White House.

* No arrests, no indictments, no “swamp drainage”. Literally everybody got away with literally everything.

* A legacy of short-lived Executive Orders, all of which have been or will be wiped away with the stroke of Joe Biden’s autopen.


I’m of the opinion that deliberate start-to-end operations of such vast scope are nearly impossible to implement in a fully controlled fashion. However, operations that seize on the opportunity afforded by events and incidents which create grand national vulnerabilities, can thus be exploited by those with the resources.  The direction of the movement is institutionally ordained, a collective subconscious born of our psyche coalescing toward a grand design which dons the facade of a “plot” but is simply an expression of our society exerting combined individualities.

Technology’s exponential evolution tilts “left” by nature.

Subjugation of “human fallibility” to impersonal artificial efficiency creates a cultural dynamic that can only be described as collectivist.  Individuality and meritocracy are the fuels of traditionalist, archaic societies helmed by men and a production paradigm of masculinity.  Technology’s impetus is replacement of brawn, replacement of strength and equalization of gender roles.  As the dynamic evolves and “modernizes,” so do the mechanics of society.

The masters of culture assume the character of modernity and perpetuate it in order to cement their placement.

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