Biden Sedation Syndrome names its favorite ice cream flavor

Today, hot off the digital press.

President Biden, in a crazed orgasm of ingratiating transparency, revealed how refreshing it will be for all Americans to be Presided over by a leader who will prioritize their “right” to know the officiations that occur in the cloistered hallways of the nation’s capital.

Through this spirit of openness he has shown that there is no governmentally shadowed knowledge Americans should be shielded from.

And also today, President Biden reinforced my suspicion that Biden Sedation Syndrome has truly seized our collective psyche.

Only 4 years left of this nonsense.

Hasta la vista, insomnia!

Chocolate chip.
Scintillating American dialogue, there. At least we know.

I suspect this blog category will become distended with use by 2024. And the collective American IQ will proportionately shrink.

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