MSM’s “normality” is the new “baseless”

Chris Cillizza, CNN political commentator, indulged in a train wreck of Biden porn this morning.

Leftist Gawk

Such lavish words of exhilaration have issued from the Left since Wednesday and have proven something to behold. Repressed volumes of President Trump hatred have burst from their orifices in an effusive display of unbridled corny. It’s as if a really bloated, distended balloon (Liberals) has been pierced with a thumbtack (the Presidential Inauguration). The sour, putrid backdraft has exploded in a horrendous nuclear bomb of Liberal spew.

Cillizza’s convulsion was overpowering, like the post-Taco Tuesday stench from a Tijuana outhouse in the middle of August. Perhaps Chris will reconsider his digital orgasm because I can’t imagine one’s portfolio is enlivened by such drunken sycophancy.

Have you seen Joe Biden’s tweet??!?!

No Chris, but I suspect it won’t stop you…

Yes, the President of the United States was up and tweeting at 7:45 Friday morning! And man, what a tweet! It was 30-second video clip from Biden’s inaugural address on Wednesday, in which the 46th president said that “with unity we can do great things, important things.”

“With unity we can do great things” is what passes for epic wisdom now? I admit: President Trump lowered the bar for sage-hood to such a subterranean level that I’m not sure it will ever be dug up again, and if there is one person not up to that task, look no further than President Biden.

He really tweeted that! DANG!

This is, of course, a joke. Biden did sent the tweet above. But it’s decidedly non-controversial. It’s the sort of thing we used to describe as “presidential” behavior.

Speaking of jokes, the Democrats will prove their comedic talents for quite some time.

Which brings me to this: The single most radical thing that Biden has done in his first 48 hours of being president is act totally and completely normally.

I call it boring.

Yesterday I referred to it as “Biden Sedation Syndrome,” a fitting postscript to the psychological derangement Liberals have inflicted on sane people since 2016. Bidenharris is a bland two-headed Socialist puppet whose claim to fame is that they are replacing one of the least articulate or refined Presidents in the last 60 years, the era of our modern cosmetic Presidency.

The new Democratic pet phrase (using the MSM as a gauge for Democratic talking points) is no longer “baseless.” That word was artificially synonymized with Trump, courtesy of the unbiased American press.

It has been replaced with “normality.” Whereas the media connoted negativity with their semantic wielding of “baseless” to define Trump, they have switched gears and now connote national bliss and camaraderie with President Biden through the introduction of “normality” as part of their unbiased coverage.

My definition of “normality” has a lot less to do with Bidenharris’s putative transcendent effectiveness as American leaders than it is a measure of their fused qualities of “boring” + “banal.”

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