A gentler, kinder era of Biden Sedation Syndrome

The last four years have been an American disgrace.

President Trump is, was, just President Trump. Nothing more, nothing less. I voted for him twice because I entertained a yearning that America’s course had a chance to correct; that one leader, perhaps Trump, might steer this nation in the right direction. “America First,” a horrific slur to the sensitive Liberalentsia who see hate, racism and bigotry in everything, including their own shadows, despise the phrase. To such people, pride in one’s country of origin, and the prioritization of its prosperity and strength, automatically infers jingoism and intolerance. They won’t be satisfied until the world is a large amorphous blob of indistinguishable sludge where national excellence and cultural failure blur into an unremarkable global dark matter.

But the worst thing has been the contentious, child-like behavior by the Left.

They have cried, whined, thrown tantrums, bullied and sulked. They have collectively behaved like belligerent, spoiled children whose delicate moods are one-dimensional expressions of their thwarted expectations of self-entitlement.

Bad orange man took that away and they descended to this.

Trump scream

But a bright new days dawns. The orange beast is banished! Gentle, kind sensibilities are back in order. No longer will we stew in national hate and intolerance. Bigotry and xenophobia will be criminalized and Big Brother social media will see to it that all speech, even that minutely appearing to condone the Prohibited subjects, will be roundly publicized and those guilty of perpetuating it will be ostracized and compulsively shamed.

A bright new day of peace.

I trust that the Liberalentsia will step down from their tantrum perch and grant us all a moment of quiet now that President Biden, human pacifier and Socialist Sycophant, is President. Already, I’ve noticed a change in tone. I can express my conservatism on a place like HuffPost, a bastion of Trump Derangement, without being attacked and shrieked down in waves of snarky retribution. Earlier, I immersed myself in a comment string there for an article about Jen Psaki, the new WH Press Secretary and noted a languid vibe. I guess the Left’s stunted coping mechanisms are sedated by President BidenHarris’s revolutionary upheaval of big bad America.

I hypothesized that Trump Derangement Syndrome has come to and end…

Biden Sedation Syndrome
only 3 downvotes!

…and suggested Biden Sedation Syndrome, its replacement.

The Left is a fickle beast so I won’t be holding my breath.

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