Antifa can’t find a phone booth

A big distinction between the typical conspiratard and the rest of us is the degree to which he is unwilling to suspend disbelief for the sake of personal desire. I might say we are more suspicious and leery by nature, but conspiratards are pretty suspicious too; it is suspicion tempered by realism that makes us what we are and them, what they are.

When a random street-level video pops up on Twitter claiming to massage a particular conspiratorial narrative, one must be wary. Most are ambiguous, badly shot phone crap.

For instance.

The footage here allegedly captures several left-wing protestors “dressing down” into some Trump gear in order to defile the media representation of right-wing marchers.

Because the media doesn’t do quite a good job of that on their own…

I miss phone booths. This is so…undignified.

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