Steve Martin gets jabbed

I thought of a new blog category earlier (seems I always write about my new categories, for some reason).  My browser has a news feed splash and most of the populating items are newsy or gossipy celeb click-bait which I usually succumb to out of boredom.

Occasionally an item will litter the feed, one which transcends my vague disinterest. In fact, it triggers massive annoyance, even disgust, due to its blatant agenda cloaked in a snippet of a story whose motive is conveyance of propaganda, not of information. It’s obvious the piece was written because “hey, it’s the thing to do and we do our part to perpetuate [fill in the narrative] or whatever is next in line to proliferate across the collectively hypnotized segments of society. So the media prints the drivel that matters to perhaps a person or two, and lots of executives.

Heed their call! Let’s rally round the latest It Craze because you’re nobody unless you’re somebody who gets jabbed.

Steve Martin has coronavirus
Shittiest title hook every. Oh, the vaccine, you mean!

I am glad for Steve Martin. He made some fine comedies like 50 years ago or whatever, and I’m glad he won’t be catching COVID-19. Good for him. But I have no patience for the Cult of Vaccination that has been shamelessly perpetuated by the global business class whose consumptive interest is procurement of money, money and more money. The “celebritization” of Moderna’s and Pfizer’s trailblazing offers is insidiously transparent.

I’d have much more respect if they told us, “Get this shot now, we want money, we want prestige-driven profit. If it saves your life, that’s cool too.”

In this vein, I introduce the category, “Alex, for 3 cents, what are things I don’t care to know?” inspired by my post from December 18 and by the memory of a pretty cool gameshow host.

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