What the hell’s the matter with Joe Biden?

Here’s a twist on a new Biden refrain.

What the hell’s the matter with them?

On Friday, the Virtue Press claimed Biden excoriated Republicans.

President-elect Joe Biden on Friday excoriated Republicans who refused to wear masks while huddled with other lawmakers during the Capitol riots, saying they needed “to grow up.”

While speaking about his COVID-19 vaccine plan, Biden ripped into the politicization of mask-wearing that has become a flashpoint across the country and on Capitol Hill.

“Wearing a mask from now until April will save as many as 50,000 lives,” Biden said. “Quite frankly, it was shocking to see members of the Congress while the Capitol was under siege by a deadly mob of thugs refuse to wear masks while they were in secure locations.”

“Excoriated?” Oh my. Now that Trump has one foot out the door, look for mainstream Lib culture to dust off its scolder’s thesaurus to unearth countless fresh terms for damning Republicans for what they did, or didn’t do, in the past 4 years, today, and in the next 50.

So, what the hell’s the matter with Joe Biden?

The United States teeters on the fringe of survival.  Our nation is rife with turmoil, gutted in the aftermath of a slow burning pandemic that has sickened, disabled and killed a significant portion of the population, decimated parcels of the economy for decades to come, and is relegated to second-fiddle global status by virtue of preponderant Third World motifs like its disappearing middle class, rampant inefficiency and corrupt bureaucracy. We were stricken with comorbidities for several decades, but barely managed to function minimally, courtesy of willful ignorance and corporate-enabled consumerist distraction. But as happened with many victims of COVID-19, the pandemic attacked and exploited our frail national structure. It exploited our systemic weaknesses.

Biden’s plan, apparently an urgent one, is to pardon millions of law-breaking foreigners by embarking them on a lofty path to American citizenship and all its attendant tax-paying, government-leeching baggage.

President-elect Joe Biden’s decision to immediately ask Congress to offer legal status to an estimated 11 million people in the country has surprised advocates given how the issue has long divided Democrats and Republicans, even within their own parties.

Biden will announce legislation his first day in office to provide a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the United States illegally, according to four people briefed on his plans.

What’s the matter with Joe Biden?

Trump’s orange mass is not even cold, while America’s grows colder, and Joe Biden is insanely impatient to pump this country’s population up by another 10 million Democrats, uh, “citizens.”

Our elitist Democratic politicians, insulated from the decaying middle class, embrace the new immigrant model for its votes and revenue feeding base which will fatten the pockets of wealthy political donors. Do they care about poor Americans, jobless, hungry, desperate? That’s a rhetorical question, of course; 2021 is not 1945. We no longer have room to accommodate a potential middle class of manual laborers, through no fault of their own; economic evolution has dispersed American might over the globe. Our economic base is diluted and the wealth spread to other similarly imbalanced countries whose leaders horde the riches. The middle class, globally, has died. Importing mostly poor, uneducated immigrants does not promise a brighter future to them, or us, like it did 50 years ago – it only displaces poor from the rest of the world to the United States which has nothing extra to offer except more Netflix titles, more Nike designs and shinier Apple gadgets enhanced by proportionally expensive enhancements.

Globalism has usurped the genuine egalitarianism of America’s heyday.

What hell’s the matter with Joe Biden?

We know; does he?

Kamala Harris to Joe Biden morph

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