The Secret Service seeks a Joe Biden dummy and accidentally use the real thing

BidenHarris’s inauguration rehearsal, slated for Sunday, has been postponed to Monday due to imminent catastrophic threat of an insurrectional nature. Democrats, conveniently jittery (nothing inflames ostentatious panic like canceled plans), fear for the now-defunct rehearsal spectacle.

A rehearsal for Joe Biden’s inauguration scheduled for Sunday has been postponed because of security concerns, according to two people with knowledge of the decision.

After last week’s riots in Washington, security officials have locked down the Capitol complex, and the National Guard is expected to deploy more than 20,000 troops to assist with security. Top lawmakers and Homeland Security officials have been alarmed about the rising threats around the inauguration, and the FBI warned this weekend of armed protests in all 50 states.

The rehearsal is now planned for Monday, the people said.

How ironic that a rehearsal is postponed.

Dude, just cancel the stupidity already. It’s a Presidential Inauguration during one of the most awful periods in American history, and our government is incurring this ludicrous ceremonial expense just so they “get it right” and choreographed down to a “T?”

Does anyone give a flying crap?

A rehearsal is essentially a fakery of the real thing so why don’t they use a Joe Biden stand-in. A “dummy,” so to speak.

Hmm. How do we separate rehearsal from reality?

Joe Biden

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