For Nancy Pelosi, “NRIMBY!” (No Revolutions In My Backyard)

[h/t to this post which offers a broader glimpse into the hypocrisy of American sacrificial hyperbole when it concerns anyone but themselves]

Leftists bleed hypocrisy when confronted with their compulsive Trump-hate. It is so common and pervasive that the phrase is reduced to comic redundancy. Obsessive Democratic disdain for the man is all-consuming and they become lost in the externalized focus of their wrath and fail to objectively discern parallels to their own paradigm.

The standard is nowhere as double as it has been concerning last week’s petit insurrection, a rowdy but underwhelming display of lazy camera poses that tragically deconstructed into several deaths, hence the hysteria and hyperbolic license to claim nothing short of the overthrow of America.

nancy q

Nancy Pelosi, embodiment of Democratic hypocrisy and self-serving myopia, lavished grandiose praise on the Hong Kong protests of 2019. She is popularly, and falsely, quoted as calling the violent protests, “a beautiful sight.” She was referring to a peaceful candlelight vigil in Hong Kong which was commemorating Tiananmen Square. Nevertheless, for 2019’s protests, which became violent, she had this to say:

“As they have all summer, today the people of Hong Kong are sending a stirring message to the world: the dreams of freedom, justice and democracy can never be extinguished by injustice and intimidation.

“The extraordinary outpouring of courage from the people of Hong Kong stands in stark contrast to a cowardly government that refuses to respect the rule of law or live up to the ‘one country, two systems’ framework which was guaranteed more than two decades ago. The people of Hong Kong deserve the true autonomy that was promised, with the full rights guaranteed by the Hong Kong Basic Law and international agreements. The Legislative Council must finally take long-overdue measures to meet the legitimate democratic aspirations of the Hong Kong people – starting with completely and immediately withdrawing the widely-repudiated extradition bill.”

That is way more deserving of the “grandiose praise” label than anything she said before.

But in true Pelosian fashion, virtuosity is only party-deep. She is a California Liberal. Meaning, she needs to maintain her mote-sealed chunk of real estate and extravagant publicly funded coastal lifestyle, so please don’t toy with American stability. Civic turmoil brought to her desk, and physical expression of dissatisfaction with governance, are only worthy of praise if expressed in other countries or in shitty American flyover neighborhoods she’ll never visit.

Or in the indomitable unspoken words of the elite class, “my shit don’t stink and their fight is your assault on Democracy.”

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