Trump Derangement Syndrome is now potty-trained and prepping the cornfields.

Do you remember 2016, or 2017 or 2018, and even 2019, when President Trump and the Republican Senate held “power?”

When the children came out of the woodwork, kicking and screaming?

Almost overnight, this country was overrun with toddlers in adult clothes, whining and wailing, in the throes of delirium triggered by, and targeted at, President Trump.

I remember.

And will not forget.

Those “grown-ups” who flaunted their immaturity for 4 years, who hurled insults, threats and invectives at President Trump every day of his term and who extracted offense at his slightest words and actions, those infants, smothered in their own shitty left-wing diapers, are now learning to walk and wipe their asses.

They are “adults” now. In charge.

trump scream

What becomes of the crybabies now?

In power, in control, confident their way will bring peace, joy, diversity, equality, fairness, representation and unicorns to the fractured society bequeathed them by President Trump, they are unstoppable now.  They will become dignified, suffused with wisdom in their new leadership roles.

We’ll see about but I suspect Conservatives are in for the Anthony Fremont treatment.

Anthony Fremont from TZ Its A Good Life
All Republicans to the cornfield now!


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