Marginalization in the Age of Doublethink

Last night, the Wall Street Journal published an update to the Orwellian tsunami that has begun suffocating the exercise of free expression in America following the petit rebellion, ie, “insurrection” (the Liberals love big, bad words when it inflames their pathetic narrative).
[Paywall link – this is a reprint of the story at Microsoft News].

The dissolution of Conservative opinion by goody-two-shoed Leftist tyrants is underway and the service suspensions of Parler by both Apple and Amazon are early indicators of the muzzling of Conservative voices in the post-Trump culture of inoffensive mediocrity.

The number of people killed during, and in the aftermath, of assorted BLM-associated riots throughout the summer pales in comparison to the number that died in Washington D.C. last week, but apparently the two amorphous tech conglomerates value the violent expression of the Left a bit more than the violent expression by the Right. Mainstream Liberals, titans of the “gray” area and social relativity (there is black, white, and 300 shades of gender/race/intelligence in between), does not entertain nuance in the realm of Conservative expression. Amazon’s and Apple’s actions are tantamount to issuance of a decree that “all who follow Trump are murderers, usurpers, overthrowers, Nazi’s and evil plotters and as such, they shall herewith be prevented from expressing any opinion which might, 150 times removed, cause someone to break a window.

Apple Inc. and Inc. halted support for Parler, dealing a major blow to a social-media service that has soared in popularity among conservatives and escalating a campaign by tech giants to regulate content they see as dangerous in the wake of the mob attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Amazon said Saturday it would no longer provide cloud-computing services to Parler, and Apple suspended the company’s app from the App Store. Both companies said Parler hasn’t demonstrated in recent conversations that it can adequately address threats of violence on the platform.

“We have always supported diverse points of view being represented on the App Store, but there is no place on our platform for threats of violence and illegal activity,” Apple said in a statement. “Parler has not taken adequate measures to address the proliferation of these threats to people’s safety.”

Apple’s tactic is “step 1” of the Leftist purge in that removal of the Parler app from their store is a half-measure toward application of totalitarian control since there are many people (myself included, lacking a smart phone) do not use overpriced Apple garbage or do not even use phones to access Parler. Amazon’s is a more severe tactic as it impacts Parler’s site hosting by withdrawing its “digital real estate” – this prevents all platform users from accessing it. The dominos are flipped and will not stop now. The repression of unpopular Conservative viewpoints behind the eminently sensible cover of “threats of violence” is introduced by the largest corporate entities, and thus emboldened and validated, will filter down to the smaller firms seeking to make their own groupthink statement that Conservative opinions will no longer be tolerated.

I wonder how Apple felt that its products were used by Leftist protestors to organize and coordinate George Floyd protests last summer. Those “peaceful” protests were assuredly somewhat peaceful in origin but turned deadly in practice, similar to last week’s protests at the Capitol. Surely Apple and its brain-trust is capable of comprehending its very own asymmetrical allocation of punishment. Unfortunately, comprehension is not the missing piece in this puzzle.

Interest in Parler has risen since November as larger social-network operators such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. have become more aggressive in policing content. On Friday, Twitter banned President Trump’s personal account, sparking criticism from conservatives online who felt the effort was biased against them.

Parler has positioned itself as an alternative to larger platforms. Its rules don’t prohibit hate speech and false information while banning spam, threats of violence and other illegal activity.

Hate speech comes in many flavors and shades. Will the Tech “giants” crack down on all cyber pathways leading to, and from, hate? Or only the “white kind?”

The WSJ headline in the link uses a word which perfectly describes the mainstream Liberal strategy of marginalization. This is the word I used on my post last Wednesday.

Trump did fuck up the GOP but only because the GOP self-marginalized behind the unpopular rantings of the new commander-in-chief.

The context of the word as used by me is different in that I accused the Right of inflicting its own marginalization by sequestering itself into parochial, alienated groups. But all group marginalization begins with self-marginalization. Groups retreat and form their own dialogue circles, value circles and slowly draw away from mainstream culture; mainstream culture responds by enhancing and adding to the “marginalization fire” with tools of ostracization. The Right’s self-marginalization has accelerated over the last 4 years and now the tech conglomerates, epitomes of mainstream culture, are responding in kind.

The Left and its socially conscious bleeding hearts are consumed with the villainous practice of “marginalization” when it concerns those it defines as downtrodden minorities. Marginalization is something to be defeated and repelled in this context. Conversely, when the minority is Conservative, the Left uses it as a justification to mute.

In the spirit of our times, marginalization is “doublethink” and a nomenclature for both repression, and a means of repression.


Marginalization is Orwellian

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