When Phone Derangement Syndrome looks like racism

The grievance industry is thriving. There is no shortage of perpetual victims shrieking about wrongs inflicted upon them for reasons of race and other trendy identity traits and there is definitely no shortage of “spokespeople” and lawyers looking to exploit the spotlight and media coverage for all it will bleed out.

And there is no shortage of a cunning, malicious media whores willing to inflame the delicate psyches of  those most vulnerable to being inflamed.

The latest “bias” crime (another moniker for the whiners) happened last weekend in New York and has made the viral rounds all week.

Authorities in New York City released parts of a security camera video Wednesday showing a woman rushing at and attempting to tackle the 14-year-old son of jazz musician Keyon Harrold who she falsely accused of stealing her iPhone that she left in an Uber.

The 10-second clip shows the woman tackling Keyon Harrold Jr. and encircling her arms around him on Saturday in the lobby of the Arlo Soho, an upscale, boutique hotel in New York where Harrold and his son were guests, the hotel said.

This is the original video that started it all.

Police said they are searching for the woman and have “positively identified” her, but have not publicly identified her. The incident was not being investigated as a bias incident, according to police. Harrold and his son are Black and have suggested that racial bias played a role in the incident.

Now there’s a surprise.

You see, everything is racial. In these people’s minds, the root of all human behavior (and misbehavior) is rooted in race. Race is their grand unification theory of social phenomena; to their way of thinking, there are no other relevant causes that explain the actions of people. As far as the grievance industry in concerned, people are incapable of any actions independent the elements of race or racial bias.

If you add a civil rights lawyer to the brew, it will assuredly only be about race.  It will be made about race.  A civil rights lawyer is the most useless member of a useless class of human bloodsuckers. Their sole, noteworthy skill and contribution to our collective amusement is their uncanny ability to adeptly weave racism from the most benign events.  This is what they do, it’s what they get paid for.

Civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, who represents Harrold’s family, called on the Manhattan District Attorney to bring assault and battery charges against the woman.

Crump also called for a civil rights investigation into the Arlo Hotel for “implicit bias” in its treatment of the Harrold family.

A spokesperson for the Manhattan DA told NBC News on Monday that the office is “thoroughly investigating this incident.”

The jazz musician, accompanied by Crump and Rev. Al Sharpton, spoke out at a press conference on Wednesday.

Nothing screams “race” like this motley crew of race-baiting attention whores. It feeds their attention-starved profit-driven narrative to spin the lost phone event as a symbol of racism while neglecting that which it really is: Phone Derangement Syndrome.

cannot not have my phone


We’ve all witnessed PDS. The victim (typically female), in the immediate moments after discovering their phone may be missing or lost, falls into a panicked state of cognitive oblivion. Reason and context vanish in the aftermath of their realization. They scramble madly, overturning all objects and people in their path as they wildly look for their missing phone. Logic dissolves as the sudden possibility that their phone may never be seen again dawns.  The rampage that ensues during the height of Phone Derangement Syndrome is something awesome to witness. Human strength increases tenfold and the limbic system explodes in a chaotic series of misfires and eruptions. The victim of PDS is prone to rash accusations and exclamations as they blame anyone within a 10-mile radius of having placed their phone somewhere it shouldn’t be.

The woman in this video is obviously afflicted by TDS.  The focus of her derangement happened to be this poor black kid but I doubt it was personal.

It was about the phone, only the phone, nothing but the phone which the dumb girl left in an Uber.  Yes, there was probably a trace element of “profiling” in her outburst;  what better suspect to accuse of pilfering your precious phone than a young teenager, especially a black one.  That’s just life.  Her behavior was a nuanced layering of all sorts of triggered reactions.  Shame her, publicize her, get over it.

Unfortunately, “getting over it” is not part of the agenda here.  These people will drain this incident of all the political juice possible while neglecting the real cause:  phones.

I bring my horn everywhere I cry “race”
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