BLM’s Alicia Garza tells MSNBC that racism is a natural human condition

Alicia Garza, propagator of victimhood and finger pointeress extraordinaire and above all, a woman we should feel indebted to for the existence of the Socialist Trojan framework disguised as “Black Lives Matter,” sat with Ali Velshi from MSNBC and implied that “racism” is endemic to the human condition.


“In the air we breathe” is a revealing measure.

After all the violence and destruction and tribulation and marches and sit-ins, the oxygenic ubiquity of racism can only mean that the civil rights movement, the American Civil War, George Floyd, and everything that’s we’ve had to endure in the name of racial equality, was for naught. Shouldn’t have all the racial crusading resulted in some reduction in the density of racial dark matter by now? Judging from the stories I’ve heard, and heard, and heard, the state of racial relations in 1860 or 1950 were horrible by today’s standards, and yet, according to Comrade Garza, racism still suffuses the very air we breathe; I can’t reckon how extreme its nature 100 years ago would have been given her estimation of today’s racial dark matter versus its anecdotal plentitude in the “old” days.

Given these observations, I can only infer, scientifically, that racial dark matter has not experienced alteration over time despite the great adjustment of attitudes and legislation enacted since.

Hence, racism is us. It is innate and it’s not going anywhere.

I guess today’s Victim Industry is sorrowfully and inadvertently accurate in its semantic choice of “systemic.”

Systemic, indeed. Like the need to eat or breathe.

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