Another COVID symptom: semantic subterfuge

The news media continues to tout, or relay, this epidemiological semantic subterfuge.

The new coronavirus variant spreading in the US, the UK, and elsewhere does not cause more severe illness, a major study suggests

Not to single out this media outlet because they’ve all been doing it with regards to the UK COVID mutation.

Admittedly, I’m splitting hairs (a quasi-autist thing about me), but the more contagious variant of COVID-19 will numerically result in more cases of severe illness and more fatalities.

More contagious = more cases = more instances of COVID effects.

Hypothetically, if there are 10 cases of COVID, let’s say 1 person dies and 3 people have severe symptoms.  Now let’s say a more contagious strain emerges the next town over and all things remaining the same, you would surmise that 20 cases will occur with two patients dying and six experiencing severe symptoms.

Prima facie, this is in fact the definition of “more.”

An intelligent mind entertains nuance and a clarifier such as more does not imply enhanced virulence, only contagiousness. That’s a distinction that appears lost on us.

A major study has suggested that the new, possibly more contagious coronavirus variant that has been spreading in Europe — and, as of Tuesday, in Colorado — does not cause more severe illness or have a higher death rate.

Researchers from Public Health England, a government public-health agency, compared 1,769 people infected with the B.1.1.7 variant against 1,769 people with the original, “wild-type” virus. They found no significant differences in hospitalization or death rates.

Susan Hopkins, the senior medical advisor to PHE, said that the research suggested the new variant “does not cause more severe disease or increased mortality” but that researchers were continuing their investigations.

Wow, a “major” study. I can safely say I prefer those to puny studies.  Size counts.

The sugar coating that we are bottle-fed from the media and governments regarding the pandemic speaks to massive ignorance and inability to think critically on the part of the general public.  Are we so dense that we need to be sedated with delicately-worded renditions of COVID developments in the hope of not stirring up the panicky natives?


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