David Cross, blood-thirsty doofus.

I once thought Arrested Development was a damned hilarious show. It never bored me with its perpetual showering of what I call “doofus humor.”  Whereas many times a show’s comic motif gets tired after a season or 5 and begins to run threadbare, most of the repetitious props Arrested Development showed us seemed funnier each time they dropped into a fresh episode, in spite of their apparent doofusness.

What better character to embody the show’s erratic and discombobulated humor than David Cross who played the self-consciously named Tobias Fünke (Funkay). He played a quasi-closeted homosexual with a wife and daughter and a habit of striking artistically awkward poses at the clumsiest of moments.  He was a chronically nude purveyor of failed psychotherapy on the show, but in real life he is an obligatory, ingratiating left-wing doofus on many orders of magnitude.

Alas, the entertainment world, with its plethora of tiresome liberal dorks and LARPing revolutionaries, never fails to test my patience and willingness to be amused by its product.  Luckily, I’m able to parse out entertainment in and of itself without allowing those who create, along with their usual baggage of personality and ego deficits, from hampering my enjoyment.

Cross is another in the long line of Hollywood blowhard leftists who pose as “hard” figureheads spewing idle tough talk. Still, I really find his show hilarious and would have no problem watching it over and over again.


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