Conspiratard Alert: Pfizer vaccine demonstrated 100% efficacy for Tiffany Dover

Wherein I kick off a new blog category.

According to the cute and cuddly tinfoil crowd, Tiffany Dover (apropos of this), that nurse from Chattanooga who passed out on video following her Pfizer vaccination last week, has DIED!

Red alert, red alert.
Raise the sinister tales of paranoia.

Nothing shrieks conspiracy like a carefully crafted screen video grab of an ambiguous people search on a public records website.

In fact, nothing screams “corpse” like having your name linked to an end date on the internet.

At least we can safely conclude that the Pfizer vaccine did in fact completely prevent Tiffany Dover from contracting COVID-19. It’s the most fabulous vaccine ever. A great vaccine.


There is a tendency to assume this conspiracy could simply be thwarted if Nurse Dover made a public appearance and confirmed tales of her death are greatly exaggerated. “Look, I’m alive, people,” would be her implication, thus neutralizing all nefarious conjecture.

But the conspiratards would explain it away with the confident allegation that the person on camera claiming to be Tiffany is played by a crisis actor. The best conspiracies are 10 degrees of intricacy and can not be explained in one, brief sentence.

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