A bad night for recreational vehicles

First, there was this…

…which led to this, about 5 hours later.



And additionally, about 2 hours after it arrived at its final resting spot in Nashville, and 3 hours before it exploded, another one, a few thousand miles away, experienced a problem.

A lot less dramatic but same preliminary body count.


A man died after an RV caught fire in Covina early Friday, officials said.

The blaze was reported about 1:30 a.m. in the 1100 block of West McGill Street, Los Angeles County Fire Department Supervisor Bernard Peters told KTLA.

Responding firefighters found an RV on fire next to a home in the area.

A man was discovered inside the RV, but he eventually died at the scene, officials said. He has not been identified.

The Covina Police Department also responded to the incident.

Video showed several people at the location visibly distraught.

No further details about the blaze have been released, and the incident remains under investigation.


These behemoths of pleasure and outdoor living have seen an uptick in popularity this pandemic season.

Their exaggerated and obtrusively comfortable presence have haunted us for years.  Who can resist the allure, the built-in tyranny, of a house-on-wheels for bringing death and destruction, and vice, to every man’s doorstep?







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