Just asking for a fiend…

I’m overcome with wonder.  Rhetorically, that is.

But I must ask.  I am curiously belligerent.

After Bidenharris relocates to Washington D.C. in January and have assumed their official national roles with Donald Trump relegated (more like banished) to wherever it is he will be accepted, well deep into the guts of 2021 when the 11th hour vaccines have made the territories safe again and we can come out of our bunkers, after all that, will the mainstream media continue to assert not only its “oversight” role of illuminating political shenanigans, but also continue to be the arbiter of what is legitimate and what is not as a facet of editorialization?

In other words, with Bidenharris mucking up the national dialogue with its rambling platitudes and quasi-efficacy, will the mainstream media continue using its default glossary that was unveiled during the Trump years?

In other words, will the words “baseless” and “unsubstantiated” live on in their arsenal of political coverage of the Democrats?

Just askin’

It’s not like the Democrats are beyond reproach.

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