Alternate Universe Trump

Ever since his Apprentice era I’ve had a gnawing distaste for Donald Trump.

I voted for him twice in the Presidential elections and unsurely supported his scattered “vision” for MAGA, but I have a hard time swallowing his hyperbolic bumbling extroversion. He is the last person in the world I’d want to sit with over a beer (which seems to be one of the bars by which we judge the personable measure of our sitting Presidents).

There is a great deal of “annoyance suppression” I must dial up in order to embrace a figure like his, but I am able to do so because part of being an adult is accepting nuance as a necessary element of mature acceptance.

I wonder what it would be like to have a President who embodied Donald Trump’s ideological outlook with the gravitas of Ronald Reagan.

What a fantastic hybrid this would be. A spokesman who carries the message of American traditionalism and nationalism in a forceful, dignified and articulate manner, one who would have brought us to a much different spot than we are in now. The Right is fragmented with spotty self-absorbed agendas which casually exclude others rather than coalesce under the Republican banner. Add into the mixture a President who is a satire of a caricature and who polarizes his own party into feuding pockets of party usurpers. A miasmatic president whose agenda fluctuates steadily between dimensions on a daily basis and who mimics the epidemiological derangements of an isolated pocket of his followers and who has turned his administration into a comic political tragedy.

President Trump, despite his exhilarating anti-Narrative troll style and lone wolf refutation of the Establishment, has still managed to avoid bolstering the only vehicle we have to spread and germinate the broad, generic Conservative message: the GOP.

Trump’s persona, bloated and effusive, is hard-pressed to extend an altruistic hand to prop up the greater good since his ego is poised to come out on the short end of such an either/or proposition.

The Donald Trump we deserved and the Donald Trump we got are vast light years apart. The other day while on an internet journey, I stumbled across a photoshopped rendition of the Trump we deserved.

This is the Trump who would have united the GOP’s disparate interests into a cohesive party agenda.

Alternate Universe Trump

A sparse man is a powerful, serious man.

A man who leads and forms alliances, not a man who derides a fatal reality.

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