National leaders confront their White Whale

So now it’s Emmanuel’s turn.


French President Emmanuel Macron has gone on a retreat to Versailles as he rides out his coronavirus diagnosis.

He is quarantining at the presidential residence of La Lanterne within the city of Versailles and is being closely guarded by police. Officials with the presidency have not provided any details on his treatment, however, they have said that he is currently suffering with a fever, cough, and fatigue, according to The Associated Press.


At first glance it may seem curious that so many heads of state have fallen ill with COVID-19, but not really.

The drive to lead, to exert and wield power is strong; stronger than any survival instinct. The ego transcends life.

The need to reign for power-hungry people is stronger than the will to survive. Survival is for the plebs.

National leaders are a different breed of jackal. Seeking not merely to “survive,” they must master their universe and all those unfortunate to inhabit it. In times of pandemic, such ritual of power is battle itself. These people risk their lives for the sake of whatever demented sense of glory they crave.


The French president has recently faced criticism criticized for his behavior concerning the virus, with many pointing out that he has partaken in handshakes and meals among large groups of people, though he typically wears a mask and practices social distancing, AP reported.


“Comes with the territory,” might be the motto of heads of state when daily conductance of their calling is a source of microbial danger.

The drive to rule follows the Siren and subsumes those inflicted with an obsessive willingness to sacrifice health and possibly death.

As of December 18, 2020, COVID-19 has not claimed any leaders’ lives (the disappointed gasps back in October were verily deafening here in the U.S.) due in large part to the relative younger, healthy state of this class, and due in VERY large part to their exclusive access to the best health care not afforded normal people.

Acting powerful is a luxury of the powerful.


The White Whale

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