Lin Wood is a used-hope salesman

This is the kind of unsubstantiated bullshit that culls the idiotic blind-believing, trust-the-plan sheep that clutter the political arena, I suppose.

Look, this is not entirely unbelievable, but it is a Krakatoa-sized allegation that could topple political edifices if proven true. As such, it is a wishful apocryphal wet dream propagated and swallowed up by the delusional Trump-can’t-really-be-losing crowd.

Lin Wood and all the rest of the smack-Tweetin’ electionotards better start coughing up the goods or reputable citations because the clock is ticking and their tsunami of vague accusations are mounting like a refuse pile and are beginning to make Trump and his merry band of election naysayers look like a bunch of mental hospital escapees. Worse, they are making the media’s pet word (“baseless”) persistently legit.

I can’t get past Wood’s uncanny resemblance to another shady lawyer who we’ve known in the not-too-distant television past.

Lin is selling us crap. He’s a used-hope salesman.

Not Lin Wood, but...

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