Liberals love getting poked

In a fitting dose of diversity optics, Sandra Lindsay was one of the first Americans.

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Sandra Lindsay, an ICU nurse at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens, New York City, was administered the vaccine during a live video event at about 9:20 a.m. ET on Monday. Dr. Michelle Chester, the corporate director of employee health services at Northwell Health, delivered the shot.

A blatant PR ploy as the hesitations of Black Americans to line up for the COVID-19 vaccine have dotted media coverage of the vaccine’s unveiling for the past month.  Now that Pfizer’s miracle elixir, savior of civilization, has made its nationwide victory tour, the relentless hustling has begun.

“Look!  Black people, too, can get the shot, free of coercion or subterfuge!”  implies the image.

Mostly ironic because we all know that the most accurate representation of Pfizer’s initial voluntary vaccinations will consist of mostly White Liberals in their socially mandated quest to be at the front of the virtue line.

And I got to thinking:  why is the moat demarcating the territory of those who are willing to go under the needle with such unflinching gusto and that other territory inhabited by those who are leery of the vaccine, tend to be the same partition that delineates the Right from the Left?

American Liberals simply have no sense of physical self-preservation.  There is an innate breakdown of the survival mechanism in their Pollyanna mentality.  Liberals seek self-destruction.  They fight to let the world’s refugees flood our nation, they want to release prisoners because of a virus, they demand we neutralize our police departments.  Not surprisingly, they clamor to be injected by a dubiously rushed and vaguely defined vaccine under the auspices of “science.”  There is no self-doubt warding off their demise.

Liberals are famously averse to traditional religion and faith but obediently defer to blind worship of what they call science as proselytized by “scientists.”

With this grounding in science, they embrace intrusive and inhumane profit-driven manipulations.  With billions of dollars involved, human dignity cannot compete with the siren draw of astronomic profit.  There is no prudence on the part of Liberals in accepting the unquestioned grandeur of epidemiological science.

On the the other end of the spectrum, you have the anti-vaxxers who are consumed by fear and paranoia.


Forget that, man.

I’ll wait as long as I can (before the establishment and lawmakers send the needle police to chase me down).


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