Tragic K9’s, et al

There was once a cute little year who was born of innocence, hope and potential.  The year visited us upon this Earth amid joyous celebration.  We delighted in its arrival.  We drank and were merry and lauded the unknown gifts awaiting.

The future beckoned with great fortunes.

But the future recoiled and weakened.

It brought despair and doom in place of hope.

Hope turned on us and it slayed its father.

NYE 2020

A tragic dog video is enigmatically catastrophic.  We don’t know why, what, how;  we only know only that there is a category of human dread that some things fall in, and this is all we know.

Details are simply not needed if it’s haunted voyeurism we seek to avoid.

But this year has lent us no means of avoidance.  That’s the tragedy.

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